Phone Thoughts: HTC Desire 510

Anyone got any opinions on this phone? Looks like my wife will need to upgrade to keep her Square reader working. This one is compatible and cheap. Any thoughts or experience?

Or the Desire 626S. It’s for $wife, and her needs are minimal.

I thought the reader would work with her HTC Evo 3d, but no such luck.

I’m talking to myself, but the 626S looks better in every way. And I can get it about $15 cheaper.

Just so you don’t think you’re listening to your own echo… I’ve never had an HTC, so no opinion.

Only real issue I had with the phone $Wife is using now is Android Abandonment. They junk’em up a bit, but not too badly.

FWIW, I really like my Moto X, and several folks at my church like their Moto Gs, so the mature Moto line is recommended. I’m not so sure about the Z or what Lenovo is going to do to the newer models.

My Moto X is completely without carrier crapola. You can find them on sale at Amazon regularly - usually 16GB versions, but they have MicroSD slots that can be encrypted and used as integrated storage, depending on OS version. (Mine’s on v6)

I’ll put in another vote for the Moto G. It consistently scores really highly on the budget phone rating. My phone requirements are pretty low as well, and this phone well exceeds any of them. It was also one of the cheaper phones available at the time (though I think the latest version of it is a bit more expensive).

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Personally, I like HTC, but I’ve always bought the higher end models. My first HTC was the Incredible, then I upgraded to the the One, the One 2 (M8), and now I have the HTC 10.

I’ve had a couple of older HTCs, and the speed at which they abandoned updates for them was disappointing. The phones themselves were great, though battery life was dire (I understand it’s got a lot better since).

We’ve since bought Motos exclusively for the good lady, and jr, and they’ve been very happy. The last generation G in particular is a hit with jr. Abandonment is also an issue, but at least with Moto there’s no expectation they’ll support it once the next generation comes out :wink:

As a drone in the phone market, no, please don’t buy a HTC. They’re pretty, they’re cheap, they’re a good 20% of my replacements for mis-selling on performance.