PGP Help please

Someone sent me a PGP file, I have no idea how to open this or what to do with it. I installed GpgOL, and I’ve been given a passphrase, but I’m stuck beyond that.

I don’t have the time to research this today and it’s time sensitive, not to mention I need another dozen files from this yahoo and he says this is the only way he can encrypt.

Others can expand on this, but the PGP file should be his public key or digital signature. It depends on what you’re trying to do, but you usually have to import it into your system. Then when you open files from him, you’re using that key to allow access.

I usually run across this in Outlook messages.

Weird, he didn’t send me a key, I thought that would be an issue.

He sent me a passphrase though.

Yeah, you need the key that it was encrypted for.

Generally, you don’t encrypt a file with PGP and then send somebody a passphrase. That suggests that he encrypted it to his own PGP key, and he’s sent you the passphrase for his key, which is just crazy stupid.

At this point, the best option is to create your own PGP key, send him the public key, and tell him to encrypt the keys with that and then send those to you.