Person Of Interest (TV)

Does anyone watch Person Of Interest?

I’m about 2 seasons behind and I just watched an episode from May 10, 2012.

If anyone follows the show, please re-watch that episode.
I need to know if my timeline is off (not the show’s but real-life) of what we knew then about the NSA and what we know now about them with the Snowden leaks.

Guess not.

I’m pretty sure I’m in the not camp. I might have caught an episode or two inadvertently while visiting friends or my folks. Is that the one with the computer program that predicts who will be in a bad situation, and the programmer guy sends the spy dude to go save the day?

I watch it, though I’m not sure I can answer your question since I’m not sure I understand it :wink:

Basically, when did Snowden start revealing things about the NSA?
I believe the May 22nd episode predates the Snowden leaks, and everything in that episode is what Snowden revealed. I found it uncanny.

Of course one could say that we already knew the NSA was watching us, and Snowden just made it “real”.

Somewhere around June 2013 ISTR.

But we did already know they were watching us. All the technology was in place, and since when does a government not use what it has?