Performance enhancing software

This online performance assessment software is insanely stupid.

I have to do my own assessment of how I feel that I’ve contributed across 30 different metrics, include my projects and contributions, training, future plans, etc.

Then, my supervisor has to give their feedback on what I’ve written and how it fits in with the corporate … whatever.

Then, I have to give my feedback on her feedback, she gets to do the same.

Then, I can check the boxes that I agree with her statements, she unlocks the form for me to check that I agree, and she can finally lock the form.

THEN, I can go in and confirm that I agree with everything, she does the same and it is sent away for archiving so it can be used against me at my trial (or when they decide to fire me), or ignored forever, or whatever.

This is done 3 times a year. First, to set up the corporate vision for my contributions, second to see how we’re on track and what adjustments can be made, finally to sum up.

No, thank you. I don’t want to get into management.

Technology is wonderful until management wants to implement it it some way, shape or form.

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We have something similar that we have to twice a year. I have to make up some BS about goals that I’m working on (besides “don’t get fired”). It’s super lame.

Yeah, “Hope the sales guys get their act together enough to keep me busy and productive” isn’t a good goal either.