Paranoid Me

I’ve got something going on with my ‘puter’. There is a delay, sometimes as long as 8 seconds between what I’m banging on my keyboard and where it appears. It’s not just web browsers but in regular text document. Then I am getting a flash pop up and weird intervals, where something flashed up for a microsecond on my screen, then disappears. I’ve looked at my virus scanner, and pop-up blocker logs and nothing is there. I’ve scrubbed my drives, scouring them to try to find anything, since this is typically what happens when you have a keystroke logger. I can’t find anything.

A month ago my bank password had been changed and I got an email notice that it was locked due to too many tries. You know me, I changed ALL my passwords everywhere, but my little glitches in the Matrix continue.

Do any of you wizards out there have any ideas of things I can try? Apps I can run? My husband just shakes his head and walks away when I start mumbling about it. I mean, yes, I am paranoid, but I’ve been paid to be for a good number of years, so…


Windows presumably? What version?

Have you tried Malware Bytes? Checked all the extensions and plugins in your web browsers?

Thanks for reminding me I had Malware Bytes in my arsenal. Took me a few minutes to find that stick and run it. Found 15 objects that all of my previous scans had missed. So far typing is fine and no flash pop ups! FWIW, Adaware, Eset, Trned Micro ALL missed those objects.

(obligatory “GET A MAC LOL” comment here)


(Declaration of freedom from the iSphere, followed by three paragraphs about “choice” and “idrones”, with extra spittle.)

(snide comment about ‘retiring’ and losing all your skillz)


You guys are brutal! I haven’t had to worry about stuff like this in at least a month! That’s forever in computer time! ROFL, For some reason I kept Malware Bytes on a separate stick, either not enough space on my diagnostic sticks, I can’t remember. And, I haven’t had to do this type of thing in so long that I had really forgotten about it since I had not worked with it much. That’ll learn me! Oh yeah! And I’ve been doctoring a rescue kitten back to health… and… and… I just clean forgot! So there. I’m going to go cry like a little girl now. :wink:

It pays to be paranoid these days. Sadly… :frowning: