Paint Shop Pro

My crusty trusty version of Paint Shop Pro ( 7 Anniversary edition, I believe) has gone kerplunk. I can do almost everything with it… except use the paintbrush, fill, pen, etc. You know, actually putting something into the image.

I have no idea what happened, it was working fine until around the 12th or so. But I no longer have the disk for it (all my hard-copy disks were in my van).

Has anyone used the newer version (I think it’s up to X6 or something)? I’m leery of using it now that Corel owns it; I remember how much other software they screwed up.

Give Paint.Net a look. Totally free, and it may do everything you’re looking for.

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Too bad I don’t have windows 7.

Maybe you can find a copy of 3.x, which supports back to XP.

I’ve found GIMP (The GNU Image Manipulation Program) to be a decent alternative

I found a link… Looks like 3.5.11 was the last one that didn’t require Win7

I last used PSP on version 3, probably circa 1996. That’s cool it’s still around.

Thanks @RoadRunner, @dakboy, but it doesn’t do what I need it to do. But thanks anyway. It does do a couple things that PSP doesn’t, so it is getting added to the pool of programs that I can do for image creation.

Looks like I buy PSP.

Kids nowadays… not checking I see…

Actually, I did. The versions on are all “try and buy”. You have to contact Corel for an activation code on all three of the versions I tried.

Paint Shop Pro X6 for $30 at Amazon

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Thank you. I actually ordered that exact item on Saturday, when the price was $49.99. Since they still haven’t shipped it, I am trying to cancel the order, so I can order it at the cheaper price.

Don’t they automatically lower the price if the shipping hasn’t gone out and the price goes down, or is that just for item pre-orders? I remember getting a lowered price on something I pre-ordered from Amazon before and I got an email saying “Hey, the price on this went down, so you’re getting the lower price”

That’s for pre-order stuff only, I believe.