Ook's VW Sharan

So, as posted in the shiny thread, we’ve purchased a secondhand VW Sharan.

The lefthand mirror is cracked, but replacing it (the mirror only and not the whole unit) should be a doddle.

Two new rear tyres need to be fitted.

New CV boots and steering rack boots, plus steering bushes are required. And a parking light and head light that need to be replaced, that’s about it. Oh, and the oil pump for the power steering.

Currently I’m poking around here and there, trying to figure out how the central locking is wired up. Seems that there is an aftermarket controller fitted (instead of the VW original) and it is not working as it should. At least the alarm is working.

Apart from that I’m impressed with the car. Enough power for Africa, you don’t need to struggle with pullaway or maintaining speed even on uphills. Enough seat space for the kids, no more fighting and moaning and all those things kids do on long road trips.

Went to the fruit and veg market yesterday, we had more than enough space for all our purchases, no more trying to squeeze things into a small car. Yay.


This color?


And how’s the latest crap from Parliament feel to you, is it just spouting nonsense or are white farmers, and possibly all white people really in trouble?

They might want to take a look at their neighbor Zimbabwe and see how that worked out for them (spoiler alert: not well).

All whites are in trouble. Including those overseas investors who invested in property.

Fun times.

BTW the Sharan’s a silver color. But exactly the same as the one in the image above.

Nice to drive, especially on the long road.

It still boggles my mind to see that they want to ignore the bitter lessons of history, and still want to proceed with this thing.

There you go…

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Update :

  1. We found a leak in the cooling/heating system. There is a heater at the back for the passengers, and one of the pipes are leaking at a joint seal. Will be fun to try and fix that. It took us a while to find this particular leak, but like all cars you have absolutely no idea what is leaking where.
  2. I got the central locking sorted out, except for one door. So far, so good.
  3. We got it through roadworthy. Yay. No more worrying when there’s traffic police out on the road.
  4. It is really nice to have a big car with lots of space. Each child have his/her own space, and there’s no fighting regarding who’s sitting at the window etc etc.

Leak located and fixed. Real bastard. Scuse my language.

It was a plastic T-joint. Hot water exit the engine and mosey on towards this T joint via a pipe. The T joint then go upwards to the front cabin heater, and downwards for the rear cabin heater.

This T joint have a built-in thermostat. In cold (icy) weather it will send hot coolant only to the front cabin heater, and not to the rear cabin heater, until the engine has warmed up properly.

This particular T-joint developed a crack, and broke totally apart when I tried to remove it.

At least I got the basic dimensions of it and asked somebody (with the right tools) to build a T-piece out of stainless steel. Duly crafted, it was installed and now we will have to drive for a couple of weeks (car is not in daily use) and check coolant levels.

Should the coolant not leak anymore, I will flush the whole system completely and fill up with new and fresh coolant as it now only have water in, which is not ideal.


There is some leakage still around said T-joint.

I will have to get new radiator hoses and a couple of proper hose clamps, then redo the whole setup. The original hose clamps are those spring clamps from the factory, which I intensely dislike.