One, two, three, four - I declare a prank war!

Oh, if he used something like that it would be fine. I use a hand-held spray gun filled with tapwater when I see one digging and squatting but otherwise I just get over it and throw it in the back of the composter. He uses one of the pressure-pump things filled with something similar to Roundup that he uses on his stone patio. That’s why I’m deliberately sowing weeds on his garden :stuck_out_tongue:

Um, dog and cat feces is NOT recommended for compost, if you are growing anything meant for human consumption. Here in the US, the Department of Agriculture has specifically recommended that it be put in the trash, because contaminants can be transferred to the plants you grow.

Ah, sorry, colloquially we refer to the “brown lid” garden waste bins as composters. Because it’s like having a compost heap, only they take it away when it smells :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, that makes more sense.

Back at Boeing, the syasdmin group pranked our manager by taping off his window and making it appear as if his office had been filled with packing peanuts. I have some pictures around here somewhere. Let me find them.

Edit, several minutes later…

The preparation: taping up the glass to create a giant pocket to contain the peanuts. Some back-of-the-napkin math revealed that we needed 22 cubic feet of peanuts, so we ran out at lunch and scoured the city for mail supply stores. Cost was about $20, plus the paper and tape to build the foam containment structure.

Dumping the foam into the window:

The results:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t there when our manager got back and found it all, but I am told he sort of sat there and stared at it for a few minutes, then closed his eyes, took a breath, and opened the door. There was much laughing :smile:


Love it. Makes me wish my manager had a window on his door… and that there were more than 2 people (including me) in our department. :disappointed:

This whole thing is exquisite. :smile: Bonus lulz if you can capture him on CCTV scratching his head while pulling out the cultivated weeds.

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Be glad you weren’t around in the Victorian age. Their pranks went a little nuts.

Victorian Prank Inventions

My favorite was the pledge altar.

The candidate kneels before the altar in a darkened room, when–Lo! Up before him jumps a skeleton with large, illuminated, glaring eyes; a blank cartridge is exploded; a stream of water hits him in the face; an electric shock is shot into his knees. $76.00


Sounds like your average night out in Newcastle…

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Get an old mobile phone and program it with the same ring-tone as your victim’s phone. Turn the volume down to just above the limit of hearing and hide it in / near the victim’s desk. Call it randomly throughout the day.


Swapping the ‘raspberry’ scented washing up liquid with ‘raspberry’ flavoured syrup.

“My hands are sticky, pass me the washing soap would you? … HEEYYYYY!”

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At technikon we were still using overhead projectors (back in the 1990’s)

The lead from a pacer pencil carefully laid on top of the neutral and live prongs of a 3-point plug, and said plug be inserted carefully into the wall with the power switched off…

Or swapping a whiteboard marker out with a permanent marker…

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I’ve done something similar by removing the ballast from the sports-hall high-pressure sodium lights. Gym teacher came in, threw the switch, and BANG, that’s a dozen bulbs exploded all over the gym floor.

We did rugby instead. Rugby is superior to gym :wink:

Popping a breaker is a prank. This could have been mistaken for a terrorist attack had anybody been in the way of flying glass. Where do they draw the felony/misdemeanor line over there?

This was pre 7/7 so the whole ‘terrorism’ thing doesn’t apply really. It was a prank I got detention for, but it was worth it because gym class sucked. At most it could have been criminal damage as a police charge, but nobody calls the police because nobody can put up with the bureaucracy.

EDIT: It just struck me, I’m probably the last generation to be able to get away with such pranks and not be immediately arrested for terrorism. 7/7 happened when I was doing my GCSEs and I’d grown out of school-targeting pranks by the time I got to Sixth Form.

During the Apartheid era, most whites were called up for compulsory Army service.

One of my friends who got conscripted, told me this tale :

In the barrack showers they utilized three-phase electrical geysers, with the elements connected in a star form.

Enter Mr Wiseguy. He decided to connect the elements in a delta configuration “so as to heat the water quicker”.

When the switch was thrown, every single hot-water faucet got blown out of the wall and the geyser itself did a magnificent explosion, something that would do Mythbusters proud.

For more than a month afterwards they had to do with cold water for showers and general washing. And when the geyser eventually got replaced, Mr Wiseguy had somebody shadow him whenever he went to the bathroom " to ensure no fiddling with geyser electrics"…


Yeah, over here the same thing happened after 9/11. Our generation grew up in a simpler time.

Just the other day I was in the warehouse, and noticed two large permanent markers: red and black. So I surreptitiously swapped the caps around. They won’t know that they’ve grabbed the wrong colour until they’re allllllll the way down the back of the (100+m) long warehouse. Teeheehee!


Excellent. Well done. :smiley:

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