Old Operating Systems Emulation


I have some CDs that have needed ripping for quite some time but every time I think about it I also suddenly realise how slow audio ripping is… I think I’ve been spoilt by too fast a fibre connection for the past three years!


I have everything ripped, and I usually only listen to Pandora, or Amazon Music now anyway. But every time I see my box of CDs I’m like… .nah, I’ll hold on to them a bit longer.


I just installed Winamp on my new(ish) laptop. Much prefer its UI to MediaPlayer. And I like the “right click and play/enqueue” option for nested folders in Explorer.


A toss-up between VLC and WinAmp.

Can you queue videos in both?

Reason why - youngest daughter love to watch Heidi (anime) on laptop which I’ve ripped from coughghghgh youtube and stored on the laptop.

Now I want to queue two videos for her to watch in the mornings, so she doesn’t have to pick and choose.

And we probably need to get this topic back on track then :stuck_out_tongue:


Hacker : the Doomsday Papers is a bootable game. Which means you have to insert the stiffy/floppy disk and boot from it.

Back in the days it was no problem for me in OS/2 - I just used the “DOS from Drive A:” command prompt, booted Hacker and had a shufty at it. First iteration of a virtual machine? :slight_smile: