Old Operating Systems Emulation

I kind of miss the Control Strip, even as I admit it was horrible.

OTOH, I totally love how Mac OS X has changed the UI such that instead of a fixed ‘file’ menu the leftmost menu is now the running app name.

Lol, who thought that abomination up?

Speaking of old games, a lot of them run on modern computers although not great. I spent a long time (back then) painstakingly copying my Syndicate games from floppies to CD (to USB) so I could run it on my game box. It actually looked fine but was unplayable. Like most of the games, the speed of the game was tied to your CPU clock speed. As soon as I started a level, it was over. Now I play it through GOG and a DOS box and it’s much better.

…Move along citizen…


You just need to dig up an old Turbo button. :wink:

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Hehehe - tried syndicate once, Was over in a second. Bah.

Will try again in DOSbox. Still have the original CD it came on (soundblaster bundle including Ultima Pagan, Wing Commander 3 (I think) and Strike Commander.

Oh that is hideous.


looks away

looks back at the screen

Yep, still hideous. Whew.

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One of my cats is named Gizmo.

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One of my cats is named Gizmo.

well, he/she is not, to my knowledge, hideous. Unlike that theme.

It’s not a great theme and probably one reason themes never got officially released on Mac OS. There were some good ones, especially in the later Kaleidoscope range (3rd party theming tool) but you had to go through a lot of crap to find ones that weren’t eye-searing. The Gizmo design isn’t good, but it’s actually not horrible compared to some I remember.

No she is not. She’s quite adorable actually.

Also @balance, you’ve probably seen pics on FB. Mrs. Force10 posts lots of pics of both Gizmo and Apollo.

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And you, on the other hand, have repeatedly seen my Noodle. :open_mouth:


Umm… did I arrive at a bad time? :joy:


Just look away and pretend you didn’t see anything,

And you other two, get a room.

And the rest of you, take a shufty at android on virtualbox :stuck_out_tongue:

I know we’re talking old OS’s for games, but this got me to thinking of other horrendous things about old OS’s. Like the boss battle that was trying to uninstall Real Player.


Dude. Real Player was the devil.


If my hatred for that thing could be quantified, it’d shine brighter than 10 million suns.

Winamp was where it was at. Loved that thing.


It really whips the llama’s ass.

I still use it on an old netbook in my camper.


Indeed. Winamp was awesome. And it really whipped the llama’s ass.



More characters because reasons.

May need to install winamp, in order to play MP3’s of CD’s that I have ripped.

Hifi’s cd player is on the fritz. Told ookwife I can connect ze hifi to ze lappestoppe and have it play MP3 files that way instead of a bothersome CD.

Got a couple of CD’s that need to be ripped anyway. Yay for technology.