Old Fart Pet Peeves


…aka “Get off my lawn, ya gorram kids!”

One of my biggest pet peeves as I’ve gotten older is all these people who stare at their cellphones all the friggin’ time. Today, for example,I was taking the elevator down from the 14th floor to go to lunch and not once, but three times, the elevator stopped, the doors opened and someone ambled into the elevator at a snail’s pace, staring at their phone screen all the while. And don’t get me started about the ones who stare at their phone while they’re walking, ignoring their surroundings totally. Can’t count the number of times I’ve been cut off by one of the new walking dead wandering in front of me.



How about basic courtesy? Since when have “Please” and “Thank you” become obsolete?

I had a student stand talking to her friends leaving a 4" thick text book in the middle of the hallway. I brought her attention to it, and she didn’t even look at me (kept her back to me) and kicked it towards the wall. :roll_eyes:


That photo looks like a pack of Ingress players. Or possibly pokeyman go