Oceanhorn (Android version)

As discussed in the “What made you happy today” thread.

I’ve created a couple of screenshots from early in the game as well as a bit later.

Starting off :

Lovely graphics. Pity you only have the one isometric view, which cannot be rotated. (This isometric view was pioneered by an older game, Knight Lore, on the 48k Spectrum).

You can pick up and throw objects around. With pottery vessels like these they break when thrown, but you usually get something (extra heart, bomb, arrows or whatever). Cutting the grass with your sword also reveals some extras. (Legend of Zelda much :slight_smile: )

Signs and interaction with other NCP’s :

Also well-thought out. You don’t need to fiddle with controls or the such. Simply walking up to certain signs will pop up a small message, such as this one :

NCP interaction :

All NCP’s with which you can interact, have a red button or dot floating above them. When you get close enough, you can trigger a dialog (one-way though) with them by mashing your action button. (gotta love mashing).

Dialog box :

Other items (doors etc) have a red dot. Mashing your action button will let you interact with whatever it may be (except treasure chests and others).

Of course there are the usual gamut of puzzles all over the place. Some are easy to figure out (pushing buttons, , some require a bit of trial and error (but most have a reset button in case you need to reset the puzzle back to defaults) :

Tapping the mini-map brings up your inventory and a logbook. Nice to have if you mash the action button vigorously when fighting an enemy and it says something.

Some of the atmospheric touches in the game :

Fires :

Rays of sunlight :

Overall the gameplay is excellent, and there is no lag. (Not sure about older 'droids).

Other platforms may have other enhancements etc. YMMV.


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Looks cool. I may wait for a deal on it. There’s an AppleTV version to allow big-screen play.

The switch version plays great.

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Where are you now?

Just started the game.

Enjoy it. Take your time, do not rush it.

7" tablet is much better. And a 10" tablet gives a better experience.

40" TV in my case. :slight_smile: (If I pick it up at some point…)

Dang caverns of fire.

Stuck. Bah.