Observations **

I usually try to avoid the browser’s back button when I’ve replied, since it often doesn’t work correctly. Let me post a reply and try it to see how it works here.

Clicking the browser back button takes me right back to my reply, as I thought it might. Still two clicks to get back to the main page.

I changed my password and logged in anew and it seemed to work.

I vacillate between wanting to use my Google login for everything and wanting to have a dozen entirely separate identities. I stopped registering to new services with “Sig” variants a while ago; in firearms circles, I’m assumed to be a Sig Sauer fanboy.

I’m definitely in the “separate accounts for eveything” category, but as you well know by now, I’m crazy like that.

I’ve finally stopped getting the big yellow popup! :smiley:

Ooh. I just saw a feature on Discourse that I liked. The poster of a thread edited his post, and I could see what the original post was as well as the modified post when I clicked on the pencil icon.

Yep, edits are tracked. It’s actually a little creepy, because revisions are visible to anyone at all rather than to just admins, but it’s definitely hugely useful.

I’ve seen posters toss around accusations of “stealth edits” and other silliness at each other, and a public edit record is one way to stomp those accusations pretty flat!

And if that causes people to be more careful and thoughtful before their first post… um, not seeing a down side.

I don’t mind if people see my edits. Most of the time I made edits to add relevant information or correct typos.

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I still want to see who’s logged in when I’m logged in. I feel lonely if I don’t know other people are around… :wink:

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I think that’ll end up being a plug-in—the devs seem pretty set against it.

Well, the ‘last post’ should give you an idea of how much activity there is. I haven’t closed this tab, though … so I’d be counted as logged in all the time. Which is silly.

I also swizzled the order of the nav pills around, and it turns out that placing “Categories” first actually results in the categories page becoming the default landing page. I think I prefer this—on a busy forum, it seems far more useful than the “Latest” tab being default.

For now, one big issue is that the Categories page automatically rearranges itself based on activity, and so the arrangement of categories isn’t fixed—“Meta” might be in the lower-left one day, and the upper-right the next. The point is to let activity float up to the top, but I think that re-arranging categories like that will undermine spatial memory. Would much prefer categories to remain fixed in position on the category page. Fortunately, this feature is on the roadmap.

It confused me. Latest is my preferred homepage. If only “back” worked correctly, it wouldn’t matter. I’ve gotten use to pressing the home button because then the data seems to always refresh properly. Pressing “back” will sometimes cause the indicators to be stale.

I don’t mind seeing Categories first, but I’ll admit that I go to Latest immediately. I too would prefer the categories to stay put, preferably in alphabetical order so I can browse them quickly if I’m looking for a post I know the category of and was recent, without having to do an actual search for it.

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Looking at the category list, I also think it would be easier to browse in a single column list format rather than the two column format it’s in. The format it’s in makes sense when the most recently active is on top, but if they’re listed alphabetically, a single column makes more sense.

Okay, I’m being chatty today.

Just out of curiosity, what are the thresholds for the trust levels? Even Lee_Ars is only trust level 2, even though he’s an admin and posted a lot.

Trust level 3+ haven’t been “implemented”, so no amount of posting will push him to it.

See this post for all the juicy details:

I personally like categories prioritized. It looks nice and useful. Then I switch to latest to do replies.

Trust levels >3 are present in the interface now, but they don’t actually have any permissions hung on them and they don’t have any auto-promote rules like 1-2 do. A moderator or administrator flag overrides the trust levels on an account, but they’re still present.