Note from ElGee

The board old timers I’m sure remember ElGee/Mctlgw (I think?). A few years ago he was diagnosed with ALS and the below was posted to Facebook today and I’m reposting it here with permission. I tried to copy paste but it wasn’t working for me.


I’ve been waiting for this. I was going back and forth about quitting Words with Friends, but I couldn’t as long as he was still playing. I’m friends with him on FB, too, but didn’t see this. Thank you for posting this, @dakboy.

I occasionally wondered where ElGee was. I’m sorry to hear that his health is failing. This year has been pretty awful. :cry:

Speaking of long lost members, has anyone heard anything from @ClockWorkXon?

I don’t know what happened with CWX. He disappeared around April 2016 and the websites he had were shut down or erased (still active today but empty) about that time.

About the same on CWX for me, too. He nuked his online presence pretty quickly after saying good bye here. As he was shutting down his online stuff, I tried to reach him, to say that he didn’t have to bail out from here just because he had issues in other places, both online and off, but to no avail.


He disappeared a couple of weeks after he said he was interested in reading the story I wrote and I sent him a copy. At the time, I just thought he was busy and I didn’t notice his websites were cleaned out until a while later. I have to admit, I had thoughts of this might be like what Jawa did. I hope I’m wrong, but if my story happens to show up for sale at some time in the future, I’m confident I could prove it’s mine. Think of the “Tell him about the hole in the deal” scene from Working Girl.

That’s too bad. I knew he was sick but it sucks to hear that he’s taken a turn for the worse. ALS is a hell of a way to go.

I don’t know those members, but it sucks to hear that they have issues in their lives.