No Man's Sky

I’m officially hyped for this game, but even if it turns out to be a laid-back space traveler, it’s a pretty damn beautiful and interesting one. I could see this being one of those games I play when I need to zone out and de-stress.

I’m toying with the idea of keeping a log/journal for this game. I’m not a YouTuber at all, but it’s a neat idea for me given the specifics of this game (I can only imagine there will be several out there for ‘Journey to the Center of the Universe’ type adventures). I’m just curious to capture my explorations in this game.

It is interesting that they’re specifically keeping players apart in the release of this game. No one adventurer will share the same as another, but you may cross the path of another adventurer, which is kind of neat, too.

It’s an intentional decision, and, while it’s kind of unheard of, I get it, to a point. There’s no griefing, at all. It gives every person a chance to find something and name it rather than have to point off in some random direction in hopes that you’ll eventually hit space where someone hasn’t been yet (akin to Elite: Dangerous). That said, I think, if you were to start, and you provided some sort of “friend code” you should be able to have both start up in the same spot. It’d be kind of neat in that way. No mass group of people getting together, but friends, at the very least, could join up in the same general area.

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Threadus Ressurectus!

In case you haven’t known about it. Game goes live on Aug. 9th.

Haven’t heard anything negative so far. Or maybe the players are too busy exploring new worlds a la Captain Kirk that they forgot about real life… :slight_smile:

The reviews I’ve read are pretty sketchy.

It’s awesome, but there doesn’t seem to be much point to it. The factions stuff didn’t get implemented at all, or well. So you just roam mostly randomly, I’ll still get it, I’m just waiting for a sale since I need two copies.

Was about to say pirate it, but then thought about a cool anti-pirate feature - all pirated copies’ player(s) get assimilated by the Borg every time :laughing:

A lot of people have complained because the end product is not like the original trailers. The flora and fauna are fairly generic from one world to another. And there isn’t much story that I’ve seen (I’m not headed to the center of the galaxy. I’m following the Atlas path). But I do like it. It’s pretty simple to play as in you do what you want. I’ve read articles of people who are jumping from system to system and I’ve read articles of people who have yet to leave their first planet. There is just so much to explore even on one planet. I find it a nice casual game and the developers seem to be trying to get more and more content into it to make it like the original videos. I think it will just get better and better.