No Man's Sky

I really really really really want this game.


I’ll buy that for a dollar.

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Think of all the sci-fi fiction fodder it would provide. Or, hell, sci-fi RPG fodder.


You are looking at a let’s play series that could go almost as long as a soap opera. Especially if a couple people linked up and did one.

Not to mention all the Eve Online transplants they might get.

And here is an 18 minute game demo that I just queued up.

It’s funny with everyone talking about the hype running up on this, it’s like they assume everyone that might want to buy it has been following it for years. I don’t think that’s the case, especially since this could bring media crossovers in. Sci Fi lit fans, movie fans, etc. It looks like it doesn’t have to be all clicky split second reaction time if you don’t want it to be.

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I’ve been following this game for a while now. I really like it and want to see it do well but its been a long time coming.I keep seeing vaporware peeking over its shoulder…

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I approve entirely of this. Entirely.

Although, like @Darktan, I have been bitten by the “oh, that sounds awesome, hang on, last updated 2009!? Heck…” so I’m dialling back the enthusiasm to Quiet Building Glee.

I talked to Murray at E3 last year. I think the game looks great, and hopefully Ars is going to talk to him again in the coming months.

My fear, though, is that it’ll ultimately be an empty experience—an almost limitless galaxy where each planet/system has essentially the same stuff to do. Maybe that’ll be enough (after all, I still love me some Minecraft), and I’m sure there are things that we haven’t seen yet, but the game I’ve had demoed for me might not be enough to hold my interest.

I was just thinking that after watching the demos.

Procedurally generated pirates attacking procedurally generated merchants moving goods to procedurally generated space stations, owned by factions that exist only to look cool.

No soul. Unless that’s what they have been working on.

Gonna be a lot of news this morning on NMS. There was an invite-only hands on demo for some press in LA this week and the embargo just lifted a few minutes ago, so everybody’s running their stories right now. The Ars piece is right here. Lots of tasty info.

Nice. It’s going to be near impossible to review. At least on anything beyond basic game play. If the reviewer is stuck in boring land for their entire review process, then they’ll rate the game badly. And if they drop into super exciting land, then they may have a totally different reaction.

OTOH, if you read both of those reviews, then you know the deal. It is statistically possible that someone could end up in impossible situations and just never really get to play the game.While someone else could have the whole thing handed to them.

Let’s name this creature “Lee Hutchinson.”


From what it sounds like, it’s exactly what I thought it would be. But Murray doesn’t seem to be aware of one really great concept for the game: people who could write a novel or story, based on the planet they explore.

I didn’t see anything about the projected price for the game.

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Humbl Bundle is listing it at $59.99, with a release date of “coming soon”.

Thank you. A little steep, but I’ll make sure to save for it.

I’m jus tconcerned the amount of tim they spend talking about not meeting anyone that I won’t be able to play with my daughter. If I’m going to drop the cash on two copies then I want to share it all.

You have a point. There’s no mention of teaming or co-op.

That’s kind of a plus for me. I wouldn’t have to deal with griefers and “shut up noob”.

It’s theoretically multiplayer, but so big you’re not likely to run into anyone.

GOG just announced pre-orders, with an exclusive ship.

Is it sad that this looks more promising than Star Citizen at first glance? I mean, it looks like it actually has a chance of being released soon.

Can pretty much guarantee that you won’t be able to play with her, if you mean meet in-game and explore together. It’s not a multiplayer game. I mean, it’s a multiplayer game, but it’s not a game where you’re going to meet any other people except by the rarest of chances.

Right, there has been mention of lobbies and possible grouping, but not intentionally. Seems funny to be playing a game online one two machines in the same house, and neither one being able to go the same places because we’re tens of thousands of light years apart.

In any case, I’ll be getting one copy at least. But to drop two, I’d need some sort of way to play together.