News Bias in the News

Wow, way to be neutral on the subject here. Now, I don’t believe the media is neutral, and I’m not one of the people who thought they ever were, but really. For organizations to claim that they don’t choose sides, it’s obvious what side they are usually on.

The wife of George Zimmerman, a Florida neighbourhood watch leader acquitted in July of murdering the unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, is filing for divorce, her lawyer said on Thursday.


The man who was attacked by and shot amateur MMA fighter and drug user Trayvon Martin.

It’s just as true.

Or maybe we just go for.

The man who was acquitted of murder for reasons of self defense.

Why are people still banging this drum? I was talking to someone just last week that thinks GZ snuck up behind TM and shot him in the back.
And it’s the media feeding an awful lot of it. NBC faking the non-emergency call making him look like a racist, and calling it a 911 call. The reports that he called the police dozens of times in 6 months. A ton of crap, apparently invented by the media, that’s still taken for gospel truth.

And they claim no bias.

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It’s not entirely an agenda they’re pushing. Our attention span is so short that we need to be reminded of why a person has come to prominence in the media. Or the author just needs to fill space.

But I do agree that there’s a bias/agenda in play at some level here. And everywhere else. There are humans reporting & interpreting the events, therefore bias is almost unavoidable.

IMHO, his wife filing for divorce really isn’t something that needs to be on the national news in the first place.The events of their marriage has no impact on the public discourse or the course of events in society. It’s only news because he’s been made a Z-list celebrity over his arrest & trial. We’ve got more important things that need to be disseminated to the public - have you noticed that discussion about Snowden has pretty much disappeared since Syria happened? Isn’t that convenient for the administration and NSA?

I think the term we are all looking for is “bread and circuses”.

His divorce, his speeding ticket, his visit to Kel-Tec. I’m half expecting him to get a reality show.

It is also amazing reading in some places how awesome McCain is now that he agrees with Obama. I guess he stopped killing puppies and beating his wife. If only Lindsey Graham and John were to just step down together this year, maybe take Hatch with them.

I’m getting tired of hearing about them. Between those three and Boner they shape the view of most of the party.