New (old) feature - who's online right now

Thanks to a fancy plugin i spied over on the discourse meta forum, it’s time for the return of a long-missed feature: the “who’s online right now” status bar!

It’s in the upper left corner, below the category breadcrumbs. The docs say that the plugin polls the site messagebus about once per minute for updates, so updates should be live and reasonably accurate.

Whew. I can finally check that off of my “things to implement on the forums” list!


I noticed this right away. Coolio.
I like the green circle.

Nice. I was wondering what the heck was this green circle around the avatars of @Nabiki and @Ook - then I remembered this thread.

It looks cool.

Also you have a notification who’s online or not as shown below (on my mobile device)

I went, “Oooh! I have a green ring!” this morning. Which seems obvious, as I’m online if if I’m logged in and viewing…

Three Green Rings for the Elven kings…

I’m sure there must be a Master Green Ring somewhere, one to Rule over them all… :joy:

There’s only me here… :cry:

Reminds me of the BBS’es - lots of users (even on a multi-line one) but it always seems like you’re the only one online at any given time…

It exposes the lurkers!

Not that there’s anything wrong with lurking. I think I did for quite a while before posting.