New chat feature - look up near your avatar

Rocket Chat may be dead (and truth be told it was kind of a pain in the ass anyway), but I’ve got something better to replace it with: Babble!

Now you can finally live out your dreams of conversing with other CoGers in real time on the forums, assuming those were your dreams. Access Babble chats with the megaphone icon right next to the search icon, up near your avatar:

There should be a general chat channel available to anyone who wants to use it, and any of the mods can create additional channels as requested.

It’s not workening for me. I can click the icon but the box doesn’t expand properly. Do I need to whitelist something in Ghostery?

Not sure, but everything in discourse is heavily javascript-y, so probably. Try whitelisting the site and see.

The only tracking/ad/gross stuff on this site (on any of my sites) is piwik, a FOSS google analytics alternative that I self-host. Only I see the data, and I’ve got it configured to anonymize the last two octets of all IP addresses and also to respect DNT.

Site’s whitelisted and it’s still not working on Safari/Sierra.

Huh, yeah, just tried in Safari and it no worky.

It’s not a browser I use or care about, so I didn’t test. Lemme see if there’s a fix…

…nope, looks like safari’s broke. One more area where that browser rides the short bus.

There is a full-page chat option instead of the default “shoutbox” model, but turning it on comes with a weird compromise: chats are associated with categories, and you have to go to category view to see them. Which seems less than optimal, because there’s no discoverability.

I’ll leave it set like it is and complain to the devs :smiley:

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Is the “General talky chat time 1” the logs from the chat? I get no permissions when I make with the clicky on it.

Yeah, me, too…
“Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

Me three. :frowning:

My paranoid personality immediately assumes it is a thread dedicated to talking about me.

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I’m guessing the chat feature was disabled and was saved as a ‘thread’ that was moved to normal display, but with weird permissions?

I’ll check in another day and see if the plugin gets updated, and then re-enable it.

Good to know the failure mode, though. i.e., “bleed your secrets out into the world.”

The 11 unread messages in the chat thread are killing me.


It’s like punishment for minor OCDs.

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11? Mine says 23.

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Try 43! I was away for a week

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14 for me, it’s like an itch

That’s weird. I don’t even see the chat icon anymore. I saw the general talky chat time thread in with the rest of the threads, but nothing up by my avatar.

Chat icon is gone. Our Benevolent Overlord said he disabled the plugin. We’re seeing a weird discussion thread we can’t access in the normal topic list.

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It’s all part of the “testing in production” mindset that we here at the CoG all have!

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