Need help with a term

I cannot remember - what is therm for storming out of an online forum in a huff and telling everyone that you’re doing so?

YAGE - Yet Another Great Exit

Thanks, Nabiki! I knew someone here would know. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s “grand” not “great”, but Nabiki has it right. :smile:

I think you’re right.

We’ve had a few of those here haven’t we?

Is there a board that hasn’t? :wink:

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I been guilty of a few YAGE’s in real life…but almost never on a board.

The forums I’ve left I just … leave. No one left behind cares, and you’re not planning on going back… so why bother?

Anyone doing a YAGE will be back. Maybe under another nick, but the will be back.

Yeah, it’s the “I’m leaving and I want everyone to know I’m leaving, but I’m not really leaving, I just want attention and will come back later” method.

I don’t believe in grand exits. I do believe in scorched earth, however. Fortunately, we couldn’t remember the password when Lee and I were drinking enough that just deleting the boards seemed like a really good idea.

Gah, that’s been… 9 years ago? That was 2005. Wow.


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There’s a lot of people on a FB group for a popular show that I watch who have been doing that lately. As I now know the acronym, I’ve taken to posting just “YAGE” as a comment on their posts. :smile:

Yeah, that was in 2005—we watched the copy of “Wizard People, Dear Reader” that @Nick_Burns and @TSB made for us and I got really drunk and later I went and threw up chinese food everywhere.


(seriously, though, that was an awesome night :D)


How about SOQ instead of YAGE

(Sneaking Out Quietly)


A small problem with that, Grognar…no one would know when to apply it. :wink:

I remember our particular term for it (that one time the boards pretty much split down the middle), was “Blargh”.

The boards split? See, I must have missed something really shitty at some point, I don’t remember it ever being bad enough that someone would want to delete it all, or where we would have split on something.

It was pretty hairy for a little while, then. I had only recently joined, and didn’t understand much of the furor.

I stepped up posting to do my bit and keep the community alive… not many of our current small group is left from then.

I got here at the very beginning, but missed a chunk in the middle.