"Muted" thread tracking not working?

Is the “Muted” thread tracking choice not enabled? there are some threads, quite frankly, that I’m not at all interested in (the NFL 2013 Thread thread, for example) and I thought if I set it to Muted I would not see it in my list. Or is it because I’m viewing by"Latest" (mot “New”) that I still see it?

From what I’ve read, “Muted” simply means you will not be notified of anything about the muted topic, and it will not appear on your unread tab.

They’ll still appear in the “Latest” view.

That’s correct—the thread will still appear. Setting the level to “muted” means that you won’t see any new/unread badges on it, nor will you receive notifications from it, even if your name is @mentioned.

If you want to create a customized list of topics that only contains the exact conversations you want to see, try using Favorites—just star the threads you want to see.

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Cool - thanks guys.