MTG Game Time

So I used to play Magic: The Gathering eons ago, had tons of cards (okay, a shoe box, but it was a lot to me back then) and had friends that I played games with often. I grew up, graduated, got married, and that shoe box inevitably ended up in the closet for 5 years. On the event of moving, again, I decided I would sell them off cause I wasn’t playing anymore.

Well, we moved again. This time up to Washington to be in a better area for ourselves and it was conveniently nearby my brother who made the move up here years ago. Well, he informs me that he’s been into MTG just recently and they play often. I facepalm and got back into the game. Granted it’s been awhile and a lot has changed with the game since I last played, but my goodness I have been having so much fun with this. It’s probably the only game I’ve totally geeked out on.

Anyone else here playing this?

I’m looking into selling all my classic cards. The pricing on the older cards has gone through the roof. I have several of the dual lands and I’ve seen pricing on them in the 100+ range.

They just came out with these expedition dual lands and I was lucky enough to get the 2nd to most expensive of the cards in a foil. I ended up selling it for $80 after all was said and done. You’d do fairly well to sell yours, I’m sure. eBay was very helpful for that.

As an aside, if you want to sell any in bulk, I’d be interested, if your up for it. Not looking for any crazy expensive cards, but definitely into some of the older stuff. Let me know. If you have a price in mind, it can’t hurt to at least hear it.

My MTG cards have been sealed away in a box. I’m hoping that after the Mushroom War someone will dig it up and think that I was some sort of wizard.

That and the new rules confuse me and I can’t afford the UK pricing on the new cards.

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@Woodman - where are you selling your classic cards? I think I have around a thousand plus of them, and since I haven’t played in a very, very long time, I was thinking of selling them, but I want to get a decent price for them.

I haven’t figured that out yet. I need to just pick somewhere and figure out the pricing.

I played MTG many, many moons ago and have some good rare cards. Never found that elusive Black Lotus (not that I would have been able to play it anyway).

I haven’t really thought about selling my collection, but I was fairly recently browsing in a retail/trade shop and asked after pricing on the ones I remembered I had, and was quite surprised at the numbers I heard.

I think I sold all of mine to a new comic book store that opened up next to my apartment building at the time. I never got to play even once. By the time I got into it, everyone seemed to be into some Vampire based CCG.

Later I tried Legend of the Five Rings, and got to play half a game, because everyone else just wanted to talk about what a great deck they had. I wound up throwing them away; not even the comic book shops were buying them back.

Apparently there is a new tournament that puts a lot of emphasis on some of the older cards, it allows more legacy cards than the Wizards tournaments allow. So a dual land that was worth $20 five years ago is now selling for $100.

I need to just get going on it, find them and sort them by rarity. I have a few alphas, but they are crap like Fireball, lightening bolt, and that. No Black Lotus, though when I played I would have been allowed to use it.

Gratch and I have played in the past. Our first ‘date’ was because she thought her deck was better than mine and a challenge was thrown. Not sure who won. But we both have a lot of cards from Ice Age and before. She has a lot of more rare cards including that Lotus I think. We haven’t played any physical games in a couple years but I still do the computer versions of MtG. It plays pretty well on my Surface.

If you have a lotus it could go for over $1,000. The Mox cards are crazy too.

It kills me, about 15 years ago I let one of my cousins go through my collection and take what he wanted, and it was all shit that’s selling for over $100 now. Oh well.