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Meh. It’s DC. Let me know when it gets to video.


I watched the new trailer last night and was unimpressed. They did a good job with the sound editing & sync w/ the music in the trailer, but I’ve no desire to go out & see the movie in a theater.


For a long time, superhero movies were all separate from each other, regardless of which company they came from. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe ties the different characters and movies together.

Then DC finally decided they should try the same thing. But when asked what’s going to make DC’s attempt different than Marvel’s, the answer was along the lines of “well, Marvel’s movies take place in one universe, but we’ve got our multiverse”, which means that technically, all of DC’s movies are going to stay independent of each other. Even if, say, Superman meets the Joker in a movie, the next time they meet, it might be a different Superman from a different universe or a different Joker from a different universe, or both.

I’d just like both of them to realize that once they make a movie with a character, they can stop doing origin movies every 10 years. There’s this thing you might of heard about called an “Internet” that lets people learn about things before they see it in a movie. So the $100 million that would be spent telling “how did the chacter get here” in yet another reboot movie can be spent on “let’s see where they go from here”. As the joke goes on I Can Has Cheezburger, Ben Parker is tired of getting shot.


The issue with Spider-Man (and X-Men, and Fantastic Four) is that Marvel isn’t making those movies. Sony & Fox own the movie rights to those properties and in order to keep them, they have to produce a movie every X years. No matter how crappy it may be.

Marvel & Sony worked something out so they can share Spider-Man but I don’t understand it.


And the movie where they are skipping the origin story?

Dr. Strange.

Not sure that’s the one to start that with.


To be honest, the origin in the first Dr. Strange movie sucked so bad that they are probably having a problem finding anyone to touch it.


I apparently do not know as much about Warcraft as I had thought. The new trailer looks interesting, but I am not sure where they are getting the story-line. Orcs and humans cooperating to save the world?

I mean, I’m not racist. It just seems like it’s outside the usual line for Warcraft.


They changed the whole storyline a while back. Not sure how though, after I stopped playing.


I just saw a poster for the remake of Pete’s Dragon, and checked out the IMDB listing.

Not a musical.

Why did they even bother?


So Deadpool has snagged $492 million across the world so far, broke several records and is already scheduled for a sequel. Unfortunately, as with many movies, the trailers reportedly have a big chunk of the good parts in them. In addition, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn warns that movie studios may miss the lesson of the movie and start greenlighting movies that are “like Deadpool”, are a “raunchy superhero film” or break the fourth wall. As he put it, “They’ll treat you like you’re stupid, which is the one thing Deadpool didn’t do.” He saw the same thing after Guardians came out. Instead of looking at what made the movie unique and spoke to the audience, they want a formula to make a similar movie.

I have had a causal interest in the movie, but not enough to go see it in the theater because I just didn’t want to be subjected to that much profanity. I may change my mind on this, though.


I actually laughed out loud several times. I was surprised.


Same here. I don’t usually like superhero movies (except 90s Batman… Oh man they’re so bad they’re good) but Deadpool was a really good, competent, funny and dramatic story executed really well with actors who cared what they were doing.

Which is rare in ANY film these days except maybe the Cornetto Trilogy. Okay maybe the first two of the Cornetto Trilogy… Worlds End kinda blew. Too preachy.


The portion with their discussion on cancer actually hit me a bit in the feels.


I haven’t seen the movie, but was reading Deadpool for a while, and I think to ‘get it right’ it needs to be a weird mix. The stupid fart/sex/violence jokes are definitely a coping mechanism at some level because a ‘serious’ take on the character would be horrible, assuming Issue 1 wasn’t him killing himself.

(They’ve done serious takes, including a version that becomes too 4th wall aware and decides to wipe himself from continuity to end his suffering, which would involve totally destroying all Feadpool everywhere. It’s still a Deadpool book, so this is where we got some great ideas like Pandapool from…)

(Oh, and there’s Deathstroke the Terminator, AKA Slade Wilson, who is a startlingly similar character to Deadpool, but generally totally serious and dire. Good antagonist, but I think it’d be tough to do a feature-length movie with him as the character viewers are expected to identify with.)


I’ve been reading Deadpool for years, and I loved the movie. For me it got the tone right - it never stepped over the line.


Sunbeam and I watched Deadpool and laughed very hard and felt like bad people for doing so but it didn’t keep us from laughing.


We had a movie marathon last night. Our conclusions are thus:

Cabin Fever: Awful characters, convoluted plot twist. Meh. Not recommended.
Cabin Fever 2: Incoherent at best. At worst unwatchable. Not recommended.
Cabin Fever 3 (The Fevening (okay no not really, Patient Zero)): Quirky, not entirely awful, probably the best film in the series although that’s by no means praise. Watchable with narcotics. Almost as bad as Ghosts Of Mars.


And yet, you watched all three of them?!


Naturally :wink:


Will you marry me?