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Now we just need to get him off Star Trek.

I should have one space opera blasty flick series, and one thinky space opera series.

Oddly enough he made the one more blasty and the other more thinky.


You know he’s not directing Episode VIII, right? JJ Abrams is only Executive Producer on that one.


I’m good. They have the right idea. They didn’t turn it into Starship Troopers or anything.


I meant Disney being in charge now, and not Lucas anymore. JJ was the right director for #7, but I’m not sure if I would want him directing #8 as well. I hope the story takes off in a somewhat different direction than it rather following #5.


I have no idea how the next movie, not the anthology one, but the other, is going to be.

There is so much built on the Star Wars universe that there is plenty out there to tell.


I’m also looking forward to Rouge One. Hopefully, it will help pass the time to episode #8.


I also get excited about new make-up releases, but I have no idea what it has to do with Star Wars. :stuck_out_tongue:


I hear Mascara Reborn is supposed to be good, too.

Lipstick Revolution?


I was tempted to say something about that, but I couldn’t find the right Nodwick strip.


The BBC has been holding some special events in movie theaters for some of their shows. They did it with the 50th anniversary special for Doctor Who and they’re just about to do it with “The Abominable Bride” special episode of Sherlock. This special takes place in the Victorian period like the stories A.C. Doyle originally published, and yet it doesn’t.

Tonight was the premiere on PBS’ Masterpiece. I lost track of the time and only caught the last half hour. So obviously I missed all the set-up and only got the explanation of how that particular crime was committed. But now I need to see it from the beginning so I can have a better shot at figuring out exactly explanation of how the events played out is most likely to be correct.

Anyone remember the movie Clue from 1985? They made three endings and depending on which part of the country you were in, the movie included one of them. When it went onto home video, they added all three and said the last one was correct. Wikipedia says the novelization has a fourth ending that was cut from the film, but it doesn’t say if that was the only ending that was included in the book or if was presented as “here’s the three ways it could have happened and here’s the one how it really did happen”.

Well, that’s kind of what happens with “The Abominable Bride”. You think you’ve got it figured out who is telling the story and then you don’t.

This is going to be in theaters Tuesday and Wednesday night, both at 7:30 pm. These screenings feature a guided tour of the 221B Baker Street set and a “making of” short feature of the special. For Washington state, three theaters in Spokane will be showing it and a dozen in the Seattle through Olympia area. Nothing on the Bremerton side of the Puget Sound, though.

The info can be found at the Fathom Events page and you can find the theaters there that will play it, or here on the Fandango site.

But if you miss that or would rather watch it for free, tune back into PBS on Sunday January 10, 2016 at 10pm for the encore, with being able to watch it on the PBS website for a limited time starting the following day. If you really like it, they’ve already got the iTunes and Amazon releases set for the 7th and Blu-ray and DVD releases on the 12th. Or if you’re in the UK, you can watch it on the BBC iPlayer site during January.

This is one that I do want to go see in the theater and will get at least one of the home video releases.

Oh, and if anyone is interested in seeing Clue in the theaters again, the Central Cinema in Seattle is showing it and Clueless for the next few days at least.


I rather liked the Sherlock Xmas special. I was wondering if they were going to do a one off sort of thing or keep it with how they left it on the season finale. Gratch and I both liked it. I got Gratch vol 1 of the complete Sherlock stories and she loved the fact that the opening of the show was pretty much word for word of the first story in her book.


Yeah, We completely forgot to tape the special.We considered going to the special showing, but it’d be tough to catch with our work schedules. Thankfully they’re showing it again soonish, and will have it up for streaming soon enough.

We really enjoyed the previous Sherlock seasons. Doing a ‘historical’ version is an interesting twist on the formula.


After having seen it all the way through, I still don’t know whose story to believe. Steven Moffat strikes again.

But after finally seeing The Force Awakens, I have to wonder. If Harrison Ford got $34 million and Carrie Fisher got a lot less (forgot the exact amount and she’s not that pleased with it), then how much did Mark Hamil get for his one minute of screen time?

edit: I also wonder if this movie should have been called “Star Wars: The Search for Luke”.


I understand her being upset, but I can’t say that I’m surprised at that. How many movies could Harrison Ford walk onto right now compared to Carrie? Same sort of thing about them wanting her, but 40 pounds lighter, think puffy Mark Hamil would have done for the part?


That’s what I’ve been calling it! Actually, I’ve been calling it Star Wars VII: The Search for Luke.


Surprised ourselves last night with a film called Limitless. It’s about your stereotypical American writer (isn’t he so artsy? Look at the hovel he rents! So tragic, et cetera) who, through the ingestion of an experimental cognitive enhancement drug, becomes an overnight stocks legend after he works out how to spot trends before they’re actually trends. Within a week he’s worth millions, and all eyes are on him as he gets brought in to do capitalist stuff (admittedly, I was lost by this part of the film, but it’s just one point along a plot of many). But then his supply runs dry…

Without giving too much away, Russian street gangs are involved, desperate battles, piles of bodies, your typical thriller filler but with a nice science fiction bun to surround it and make it one damn fine sandwich of a film.

★★★★★★★★☆☆, recommended for sci-fi and/or action seekers.
Caveat actors: Di Nero. His performance is pretty good in the film though.


A major theme I noticed during the movie is that the main guy gets super-smart, but is still lacking in common sense. So he gets greedy, which causes a lot of his problems.

Not a bad movie, though. The ending was a surprise.


There’s a TV series based off that running right now on CBS here in the 'States.


Indeeds… I shall find myself some perfectly legal means to acquire it at some point in the near future.


Watched a Don Hertzfeldt film last night called “It’s such a beautiful day” and yeah… first time I think I’ve ever cried uncontrollably at a film. I’ve never felt so harrowed by a bloody cartoon before.

Memory loss and nihilism wrapped up in a narrative that’s so calm and disassociated that it really unnerves you – really unnerved me.

What’s worse is that the character losing his memory exhibited symptoms that I see in my father a lot. Worse still… they’re things I do too. All the time.

I’m actually totally blown away.