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Oh hush, you know it’s impossible for white people to experience bullying and racism.

Speaking of movies though, anyone like Pixels?


I read one review which pretty much eviscerated it. I was considering trying to catch it in the theater, and was left wondering if it’ll be worth $1.50 at Redbox.


I was hoping for Click Adam Sandler, and it sounds like we got boring same old same old Adam Sandler.


I couldn’t believe that Dinklage would associate himself with such a stinker.


Meh. He’s still Tyrion Lannister, so he’s got that going for him.


It seems that there’s a bit of an outcry at the moment about Pixels. The studio in its infinite wisdom has issued DMCA takedown notices for everything on Vimeo that has the word “Pixel” in it regardless of how long the item has been there or whether or not the item has anything to do with the movie.

Anyone for a class action against the studio for abuse of process? (That’s tongue-in-cheek btw as there is no legal comeback for people who have been rogered by the DMCA rorts)


Yeah, and CISPA and that other one (blanking on it right now) were worse. The House leadership at the time kept insisting that removing the immunity clause would cause too much frivolous litigation and would deter content owners from asserting their rights. Because nobody ever issues a fraudulent DMCA takedown “request”.

Unfortunately, judges are too afraid of MPAA and RIAA to rule on the lack of due process there.


Didn’t you know everyone is guilty of something Citizen?


Including the studio’s own official trailer which they posted!

Typical outsourcing story. They farmed the job out to a 3rd party. 3rd party ran a script and didn’t actually review the output before taking action.


Well, that situation is going to resolve itself quite handily.


He did voice work for the Destiny PS4 game, too. I don’t think that’s gone very well, as the overall reviews I’ve seen of that game are either “Borderlands, without the humorous fun parts” or “A shallow, repetitive cash-grab follow-up to Halo.”

For good or ill, apparently his voice work (which as described as ‘bored’ in some reviews, I think) is being patched out with the next expansion instead of getting him in to record more dialog.

He was good in that one X-Men movie, though. Just picked some really bad projects recently.


I wasn’t even aware of that. Wow. Bolivar Trask. That’s an interesting role they picked him for.


Mark Hamill has a beard?


I just watched the film “Boyhood”. It was billed as “not just the film of the year, but the film of the decade”, which I can only assume is a play on the fact that it took over a decade to film.
I don’t know why they bothered.

I can see why the critics liked it as it’s pretentious and depressing. Those are two things that critics seem to love, but don’t really make a watchable film.

If you are looking for a film to make you want to top yourself, I’d recommend this, otherwise stay away.


So, it’s a good movie, but because it’s about a coup in an Asian nation and following the white family trying to escape and survive it’s racist. “They should have given more depth to the bad guys, and the revolution”, that wouldn’t be the same movie now would it?

Can we not have anything anymore?

BTW, in order to prove they couldn’t be pushed around by horrible misogynist racists the SJW crowd awarded “no award” Hugos over several women and minorities, then blood danced in the puddle. If it hadn’t been for these people the woman who would have won best editor would have had a vote total four times as big as the prior record, and almost as high as the total votes cast two years ago.

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I almost went out to see Pixels last week, just to see if it is as bad as everyone is saying it is because Adam Sandler is in it. But it’s due out on DVD in 3 weeks, so I’ll wait.

I went to see The Iron Giant: Signature Edition today instead. This was a limited run digitally-remastered version that was only in theaters on Wednesday and today. I found the movie a few months ago at a Half Price Books along with the Special Edition, but didn’t get around to watching it before the Signature Edition came out, so I have no idea what the two extra scenes were.

I’m hoping that when it comes out on video (tomorrow for iTunes and about a week later for Blu-ray), they’ll include Brad Bird’s introduction because it’s got some good things to say about the value of hand-drawn animated movies. Plus, it will have the documentary about making the movie.

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That was the first DVD I ever purchased, several years before I owned my own DVD player.


There’s a new movie out that’s out that’s pretty damn good even if it’s derivative of the original. I may even go see it again in a theater, which I haven’t done in a long, long time.


I finally saw the new Star Wars.

I have to give it a 10 out of 10 for nostalgia. Trying to review it without fanboi goggles on I still give it a 7 or 8 out of ten, normal people review scale, not inflated reviewer scale.

It left me wanting more and I have tons of questions, so awesome job starting a new trilogy.


I agree. I thought it hit all the right beats for the most part. I think the franchise is in good hands.