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The song Lady Gaga sings at the end absolutely destroyed me emotionally after everything her character went through.


Same here. I’ve listened to the soundtrack a couple of times since then and it still gets me.


We saw Bohemian Rhapsody last week. Pretty good, although it’s a little sad that the last act is mostly BS, unfortunately. Despite Brian May being given credit for the music on it.


$GF and I saw it on Wednesday.

The one thing that struck both of us was the way the record company reshaped her original singing style into something ‘cookie-cutter’ and mainstream.

I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga’s music, but she certainly can sing - I’ll give her credit for that.


Yep, definitely. My wife and I commented the same thing - basically that she sold out and Cooper’s character was right (well, about that anyway)


The Japanese Film Festival is doing the rounds at the moment.

If you get a chance to see ‘One Cut of The Dead’, do so. It’s an absolute riot - my GF and I both loved it, as did the entire audience. (Yes, it looks and sounds really cheesy, but stick with it,)


The Japanese Title translates to “Don’t Stop the Camera!”
It sounds like fun. :slight_smile:


Really good movie. It’s based on a true story - obviously dramatised for film, but the bones of the story are true. It’s a film that makes you angry and gives you warm fuzzies at the same time.
The central character is wonderful. A fantastic combination of uneducated ignorance and real wise insight. We watched the additional DVD features and it appears that the film got that pretty spot on.

Definitely a film I’d recommend.


$Wife and I both liked Mary Poppins Returns. It helps we watched the original a week or two ago: It’s a sequel, and while it stands on its own, there’s a ton of parallels and stylistic nods to the original. (Even the credits kind of look similar.)

After watching the original (which both $Wife and I thought we had when we were little, but we both had almost no memory of most of the movie…) I looked up trivia and was stuck by a comment from Dick Van Dyke (who has a small but important cameo in this one) who basically said he liked doing Mary Poppins because it was an optimistic and hopeful movie for the era… And this one is the same but for the modern era, I think.

I’m not a huge fan of musicals, but it was pretty good, I thought.


Mary Poppins is a witch.


I prefer to think of her more as an ineffable entity.


Doesn’t age, has powers beyond mere mortals, bag is bigger on the inside. She’s not a witch. She’s a Time Lord.


It’s official. DC has decided they’re no longer going to try and have a shared movie universe like Marvel does. Directors can make whatever kind of movie they want without trying to fit it into events in other movies. This is in part due to how well Aquaman has done and how poorly the Justice League movie did, which did have contrainst on what could be included.


Is it bad I read ‘DC’ and assume it’s politics?

Can’t blame DC for punting: The whole ‘shared universe’ thing is tough, and DC’s got an issue that I think the core ‘tone’ of their big properties is very different. Also it felt like they were trying to force it, whereas the Marvel shared universe feels much more natural.

The MCU also avoided some major aspects of the IP due to rights issues: No X-Men, no Fantastic 4. They have also had some issues and rough spots here and there, like the kinda-sorta integration with TV properties and similar.

A major ‘feature’ to me of the MCU is at this point you can pick and choose with no regrets. I’m burned out on the ‘big’ films and don’t mind waiting to catch them on streaming or not at all, but get more excited about the oddballs like Ant-Man. (Thor: Ragnarok was awesome, though.)

I kind of wish DC would let the ‘big names’ rest and focus on some of their weird back-catalog. Patrick Stewart had expressed interest a decade ago in playing Spider Jerusalem in a Transmetropolitan adaptation, for example…


Black Panther won “Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture” from the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night. Robert Iger, head of The Walt Disney Company, announced earlier today that it’s going back in theaters to celebrate the win, running from Feb 1-7 as part of Black History Month and tickets are free.

Check your local AMC theater to see if they will be carrying it.


They need to do that. I said before that they’ve relied too often on the “big two”, Specifically, “Oh, let’s make another Batman movie” and “Oh, let’s make another Superman movie”. Aquaman was a step in the direction you pointed out a year ago: “I feel like DC really needs to sit down and think about why their characters are fun.”

But with DC officially giving up on the shared universe concept, that means we’re going to be stuck with a lot of origin story movies because every time a director comes up with a new version of a character, they have to include the origin of how that character became that version.

If they’re going to make a Batman movie, please skip going over yet another time how his parents died and how he became motivated to become the Batman. “Parents killed. Learn to fight so others don’t get hurt or killed. Use every kind of weapon except a gun if possible. Crazy bad guys show up I have to fight to defend the city because the police aren’t enough.”

DC, we get it. Been there, done that. Pick a setting, pick your villains, plunk Batman down in it already as the Batman and go.


That makes a lot of sense. As I’ve said, I’m not a comic book guy, and the comic movies hold very little interest for me, and I think the point you’ve made has probably contributed to that feeling. I’ve seen no Superman movies since Christoper Reeve in the, what, 70s or early 80s? I think I saw a couple of the first Batman movies, with Mr. Mom/Beetlejuice, and maybe Val Kilmer. The one with Danny Devito was a turd, so I definitely lost interest after that. I don’t know if I saw the one with Ahhnold, or if I just saw previews or clips. I was with friends when they decided to watch the one with Bane (? the weird face mask guy) and the guy playing Batman was completely unlikable. I don’t know if it was the actor or scripting, but remember wishing the bad guy would just blow everyone up to get it over with.
Some of the Marvel movies that I’ve seen were way better than expected, specifically Guardians of the Galaxy (which I didn’t know going in that it was a comic movie), and Deadpool (very not what I expected).


I kind of feel like Ben Affleck was more knowledgeable about Batman than the people who wrote the movies he portrayed him in. And had he done a ‘solo’ Batman movie like he wanted, may have done this plan (skip the origin story).

I liked the Christian Bale Batmen… Although I remember when one came out near the first Iron Man and realizing that one was willing to accept that being a billionaire attractive guy and a super hero could be fun, not a dreary world-crushing weight all the time.

The Christopher Nolan trilogy with Bale as Batman might have been a hard fit into a larger world, though. He focused on trying to make things a bit more ‘grounded’ even if he added his own weird stuff. I think each of his movies has at least one massive science/logic fail you have to accept or they break down… (From memory, the first one has the whole "microwave device that vaporizes water, but doesn’t do anything to people, also known as squishy bags of water; I don’t remember 2; The third has a stock market that is incapable of realizing there might be fraud after a bunch of Mad Max-looking guys break in on motorcycles and mess with stuff. Additionally, a rich guy gets his property confiscated in an insanely fast manner.)

I liked Zak Snyder’s Watchmen movie. It’s not perfect, but it’s perfectly watchable, enjoyable, and makes me wish I had a rainy afternoon to re-read the graphic novel version. It’s where his ‘thing’ of mimicking comic panels in TV really took off. He did it reasonably well, and it sounds like he later got more ham-fisted about it.


He probably was. I know he used to be good friends with Kevin Smith, who’s obviously a big comics guy, so if he wasn’t into them himself he probably still picked up something there.


Agreed. Although I think it would have done a lot better at the box office if it had come out today - or even in the last five years - than in 2009. I’m not sure about the new TV show.