Movie reviews


The song Lady Gaga sings at the end absolutely destroyed me emotionally after everything her character went through.


Same here. I’ve listened to the soundtrack a couple of times since then and it still gets me.


We saw Bohemian Rhapsody last week. Pretty good, although it’s a little sad that the last act is mostly BS, unfortunately. Despite Brian May being given credit for the music on it.


$GF and I saw it on Wednesday.

The one thing that struck both of us was the way the record company reshaped her original singing style into something ‘cookie-cutter’ and mainstream.

I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga’s music, but she certainly can sing - I’ll give her credit for that.


Yep, definitely. My wife and I commented the same thing - basically that she sold out and Cooper’s character was right (well, about that anyway)


The Japanese Film Festival is doing the rounds at the moment.

If you get a chance to see ‘One Cut of The Dead’, do so. It’s an absolute riot - my GF and I both loved it, as did the entire audience. (Yes, it looks and sounds really cheesy, but stick with it,)


The Japanese Title translates to “Don’t Stop the Camera!”
It sounds like fun. :slight_smile:


Really good movie. It’s based on a true story - obviously dramatised for film, but the bones of the story are true. It’s a film that makes you angry and gives you warm fuzzies at the same time.
The central character is wonderful. A fantastic combination of uneducated ignorance and real wise insight. We watched the additional DVD features and it appears that the film got that pretty spot on.

Definitely a film I’d recommend.


$Wife and I both liked Mary Poppins Returns. It helps we watched the original a week or two ago: It’s a sequel, and while it stands on its own, there’s a ton of parallels and stylistic nods to the original. (Even the credits kind of look similar.)

After watching the original (which both $Wife and I thought we had when we were little, but we both had almost no memory of most of the movie…) I looked up trivia and was stuck by a comment from Dick Van Dyke (who has a small but important cameo in this one) who basically said he liked doing Mary Poppins because it was an optimistic and hopeful movie for the era… And this one is the same but for the modern era, I think.

I’m not a huge fan of musicals, but it was pretty good, I thought.


Mary Poppins is a witch.


I prefer to think of her more as an ineffable entity.


Doesn’t age, has powers beyond mere mortals, bag is bigger on the inside. She’s not a witch. She’s a Time Lord.