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Marvel Studios is celebrating their 10th anniversary by re-releasing all of their movies exclusively in IMAX format, starting on Thursday, August 30th and running through September 3rd. A couple of the movies hadn’t been released that way before. Four movies per day, scheduled for Matinee, Late Afternoon, Prime and Evening.

On Tuesday, September 4th, the schedule shifts to themes: “Origins” for the 4th, “Team ups” for the 5th, and “Fan choice” for two movies on the 6th that you can vote for. Voting ends on August 17th.

To see the schedule, head to the Fandango page for the event.

The Deadline Hollywood article I saw this on pointed out that unlike the last marathon Marvel did, you can buy tickets for just the movies you want to see instead of having to pay for all of them ($75 or $100, depending on the location), and that last one was only in three theaters.

The page will let you search for theaters, but you have to check each one to see if it’s an IMAX theater. Better way is via the theaters’ own list of locations with IMAX:

  • AMC (participating theaters listed at the bottom of the page)
  • CineMark (searchable by location)
  • Malco
  • Marcus
  • Regal (full list of all their theaters)

AMC is also holding a sweepstakes for an upcoming Marvel movie if you buy the tickets through their AMC Stubs program.

This is just for the United States. Feel free to add theaters in other countries.