Movie reviews


I thought it was kind of sad, maybe not quite a creepy as expected, though.

If I had the choice to make over again, I would not watch it. The guy that plays Lars, Ryan Gosling, I just don’t like him. I don’t know why, but other than the new Blade Runner, I’ve never had any desire to see anything he has been in.
I tried to watch Blade Runner 2049, but the TV’s HDMI port died while it was playing. Omen? I had used a free RedBox code to rent the disc, so I just went to bed. At some point, I’ll try again, but after seeing the first half, I now have less desire to watch it. Just, I dunno, for some reason, I don’t like him, like there is something about either him or his acting that I just dislike. But I haven’t seen him in anything else, so I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe he is a really, really good actor, or maybe he is just too Lars-like.


Yeah, if you don’t like the main star then it’s probably not the movie for you. I don’t have a problem with him & actually think he’s a pretty good actor. He was good in Drive and The Notebook, I didn’t like La La Land, but that was the movie, not him. I haven’t watched Blade Runner yet, but that’s on my list.


Finally saw John Wick I and II. Nice father’s day afternoon. Fun movies. Though technically Chapter 2 was a bit darker and the first was more fun.

Good gun discipline, just caught one scene with movie ammo, and an entire section was based on a 1911 .45 only having 7 rounds. You can tell Reeves plays three gun.


Finally saw Deadpool 2 over the weekend and laughed my ass off.


Watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 yesterday. The best I can say is that it wasn’t that great, but it wasn’t too horrible either. Definitely nowhere near as good as the original.


There won’t be a traditional review from me for these since they’ve been out for several years, but I’m just starting on the first Karate Kid movie, then comes three more and the remake. But they will show up in something else I’m going to be writing for an even older movie about a month from now. Part of my research won’t be available until then.

I’ll give you fair warning. There won’t be a sound byte or TL;DR summary. It’s going to come in several parts, but it will be worth it to stick through it.


But did you crap your pants in the first 5 minutes or not?


The Incredibles 2 was incredible…


Tomb Raider 2018 was good. The only meh moment for me was the zombie part.


I did not. For which I’m sure everyone in the theater was grateful.


Incredibles 2 is a really good movie, and I agree with one of the reviews I read that says it’s better than the original. If you are subject to having seizures that are triggered by flashing lights, you’ll have to be careful if you go.

The villain is called Screenslaver and uses flashing patterns broadcast through TV screens to hypnotize people. Those patterns are shown at different points in the movie, but there’s a big fight scene where they are playing on a lot of monitors in the background for about 90 seconds. The monitors fill most of the movie screen, so it’s a big portion of what you can see.

Messages started popping up three days ago that it was a potential hazard and now we do have an instance on record that the scene caused a seizure.

Expect to see notices going up in theater lobbies. If yours doesn’t have one, I’ll give you the point to be careful of. About an hour into the movie, Elastigirl starts tracking the Screenslaver. The fight occurs when she finds him.


Iron man 2 - inconsistent palladium level poisoning? Or am it only me?

New measurement metric in addition to the microsoft minute then…


Watched Maze Runner. Was good.

Second one was sorta OK, but what grated my carrot was why did Wicked put the kids in a maze, only to use their blood products to create a Flare antidote? I honestly wanted to know just why the maze.

Will have to watch the third part of the series and see if the answer is there.


I wasn’t that kind. I saw it at RedBox and rented it having never seen a preview or commercial. I didn’t find out until later that it was another movie based on a book series aimed at teens. If the next episode is available to stream for free, I may try to watch out of morbid curiosity, but I wouldn’t pay to rent any more of that series. I’d classify Divergent the same way, but less WTF throughout, so slightly better than Maze Runner. For me, both are in the same bin as the Hunger Games series, though Hunger Games was much better, probably the best of the bunch.


Watched final part of Maze Runner, and it answered a lot of questions.

Eldest daughter want to watch it.


Saw Ant Man and the Wasp on the weekend. Very enjoyable. In some ways, I preferred the first one, but I think the villains were better in this one. Michelle Pfeiffer was awesome if a bit underused. Mid-credits scene was great and explains why Ant-Man wasn’t in Infinity War as well as setting up for either IW Part 2 or Ant-Man Part 3. End-credits scene was okay but, for me at least, a bit meh. I was a bit disappointed there was no Hawkeye cameo - or even mention - in the movie. I was sort of expecting/anticipating it. Sigh, my boy Hawkeye never gets any love…


I just saw the original Ant Man this weekend. I’m a little behind.

Also saw Thor: Ragnarok which was surprisingly light-hearted and fun. I’ve hear the previous Thor was kind of grimdark, but T: R was most certainly not, which is saying something considering the death toll and such.


Yeah, there was a huge tone shift in the third movie. The first two were definitely darker, although not anywhere near as dark as most DC movies. My theory is that they had to lighten Thor up so he would “fit” with the Guardians of the Galaxy in Infinity War.


Well whatever they did it worked. Ragnarok is my favorite of the Thor movies and it definitely had kind of a Guardians of the Galaxy vibe to it.


It’s bonkers, but in a good way. I haven’t seen it but I know enough about the Infinity War stuff to know the whole movie gets weird based on the credits scene. So it’s an incredibly fun and lighthearted movie that goes really dark… After the credits.