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The answer is that yes, there are sections of the Black Panther suit that when they glow, Wakandan letters can be seen. If you do a frame advance when T’Challa is first watching the suit deploy in the research lab, the letters are also there in the background of the suit. Haven’t checked yet to see if the words change each time, and I haven’t looked to see if what was in the theater’s “standee” is the same was what’s in the movie.

A fun, interesting, and yet time-consuming project for another day.


I went to see Deadpool 2 and will do a review later unless someone else wants to do it. If you’re interested, you can get a discount on the tickets by going to Walmart. There are special Deadpool-themed versions of movies for sale now. It’s just a new slipcover, but it has a sticker with a code you can use to get up to $8 off the ticket. Tonight, the Regal theater had discounts, so my ticket turned out to be fully paid-for.

The movies you can choose from with the special covers are:

  • Deadpool (Deadpool riding a unicorn)
  • Deadpool (2-year anniversary edition)
  • X-Men First Class (Deadpool doing the Professor X “touches his temples to indicate he’s using his mental abilities” pose)
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past (multiple Deadpools on the cover, including as the Sentinels)
  • X-Men: Apocalypse (Deadpool’s face instead of Apocalypse)
  • Logan (Deadpool’s hand holding Logans’)
  • War for the Planet of the Apes (Deadpool riding a horse with a super-soaker strapped to his back)
  • Fight Club (DP holding the bar of soap with the film title carved into it)
  • The Terminator (DP wearing pink “tortoise-shell” eyeglasses)
  • Assassin’s Creed (DP back to back)
  • Predatory (the same crosshairs centered on DP’s super-soaker)
  • Edward Scissorhands (DP with his fingers holding scissors)
  • Speed (DP in Keanu’s pose)
  • Office Space (DP standing behind the person covered in Post-It Notes)
  • My Cousin Vinny (DP holding the mug shot card with the movie’s title)
  • Revenge of the Nerds (DP holding briefs above his head with the DP logo on them)

Some of these are only $6 each, so you could buy them just to get the code and still get a full discount on the tickets.


VBrief take on Solo: not bad. If done as a heist/scoundrels flick without the “we have to explain all this stuff about Han Solo” built into it, I think it would have been much better.

Memo to Ron Howard: You should do a heist flick a la The Italian Job if it doesn’t feel to repetitive for you after this one.

Woody Harrelson & Donald Glover were excellent. Paul Bethany was too, and I need him to be a Bond villain right fscking now. Emilia Clarke was pretty good but impossible to get a read on as far as her motivations and schemes. Alden Ehrenreich…meh.


I may see the movie while it’s still in theaters, but I just want to do this parody:

Wake me up before you go-go
'Cause I’m not planning on seeing Solo
Wake me up before you go-go
Think I’m gonna skip that film

Wake me up before you go-go
'Cause I’m not planning on seeing Solo
Wake me up before you go-go
I’ll wait 'till it’s on DVD


I’d like to see Solo in theaters, but I do a pretty good job of not being exposed to spoilers and hype, so other than ‘young Han Solo’ I have almost no idea what it is about.

OTOH, going to theater to see a movie costs more than I generally want to spend, so I rarely go. I don’t think I’ve seen anything that wasn’t Star Wars or Star Trek related in a theater in 5+ years. (Exception: I saw Ferris Bueller’s Day Off a couple years ago - special one-time showing for the 30 year anniversary of its release. Oh yeah!) It is hard to get fired up about going to the theater when it would be cheaper to buy the DVD/Blu-Ray than the cost of two tickets, not even counting the costs at the concessions stand, and cheaper still to rent it from Redbox or Vudu.


Chick … Chicka Chicka!


I actually have that single on vinyl.

I also still have a turntable, though it has not been used in over ten years.

EDIT: After listening to it again (it’s been a while), I wonder if it would be good on a loop. Some songs would just work on a loop. Like Disco Inferno. I could see looping that for like an hour. Good for a road trip!

Ooh! I also have a 12" EP of Boogie Wonderland. Or at least I used to, but I’m pretty sure it is still in the stereo cabinet. That was long, but just worked.

Ok, end of thread hijack. Sorry for the interruption. Now, back to regularly scheduled programming…


I saw Solo tonight as a way of killing time so I didn’t have to be in rush hour traffic. It was a good movie but I’m not really interested in doing a review of it. So, just a couple of observations.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in a theater that had commercials plus trailers, or it was some kind of entertainment news called “Noovie”. But mixed in with the trailers were three short segments of the Grinch from this winter’s movie making snide remarks and complaining about the trailers. One was him dragging a popcorn machine because there’s too many trailers and he’s gonna need that much popcorn to make it through them. Another was him texting what he though of something (I forgot what) and he decided the best way to sum it up was to use the poop emoji, then commenting that someone should make a movie about that, which was a shot at The Emoji Movie. There was another one, and I think these are exclusive to AMC theaters.

There was one missed opportunity in Solo. The game Sabacc is used as a plot point and as a callback towards the end. It’s a card game with two special features: there are cards with negative values and the cards can change at random. So if you think of blackjack where you’re trying to get to 21, you could have 20 and if you wait too long, a card could change to bring you over 21 or drop you way lower. In Sabacc, you can win with +23, -23 or The Idiots Array of the card titled “The Idiot” (worth 0) along with any card valued two and any card valued three.

It would have been very easy to use a little bit of CGI to show one of the cards changing its value, but they didn’t do that.


I’ve heard other reviews mention this. My guess is they felt it might have been confusing or put it in the same category as Harry Potter’s Quidditch and the whole “There’s all these rules, but the Golden Snitch is an auto-win and supercedes normal scoring.” thing.

The KOTOR games built it out as a playable game, but I never really got the grasp of it. Plus the whole, “Why I am I playing cards with random people when I’m busy saving the galaxy and/or becoming a sith lord?”


I know people that won’t go to AMC because they have a corporate policy prohibiting concealed carry. Of the theaters near me, there are a few really nice Cinemark and one older, almost run down AMC, so it is easy to opt for the nicer ones.


Not having read or watched anything beyond the cinematic Star Wars universe, Sabacc (how it’s played, etc. - I know it’s how Han got the Falcon) was a complete mystery to me. I would have liked a bit more exposition time with the game, though not to the level of Casino Royale (yes, I know it was an integral part of the plot in that, unlike Solo).


Oh, Texas you so silly.

It’s not that I have a problem with concealed carry in general. I just think people who won’t go somewhere because they can’t are overly paranoid.


I think part of the reasoning is that they choose to not spend their money at a place where the corporate management has chosen to potentially compromise their safety, citing the theater incident in Aurora, Colorado. I can see the point, though I’m not on the extremist “I’m not going to support them because they pander to pussies” side. (Yes, I’ve actually heard something along those lines.) Generally, that’s not really on my radar in this area, but after the incident in Santa Fe maybe it should be. OTOH, incidents have been quietly happening for years.
Dang it, sorry… just realized I’m hijacking the thread again. Cutting it off/


I’d just like to point out that in the Quidditch world cup, Bulgaria got the snitch, but Ireland won the game. It’s not an auto-win getting the snitch :wink:


All of the AMC theatres in Canada prohibit concealed carry. So do all of the others. And everywhere else. Seems sensible to me.


Because opening fire in a darkened movie theater where you probably can’t see the shooter or any bystanders who may be between you and said shooter is such a good idea.


To clarify - I was not conveying my opinion, just what I’ve heard from others, though I see their point.

I don’t think it is a matter of wanting to ‘open fire’ in the dark, but if someone is going to pick a place to shoot up, they might be more likely to pick a place that prohibits concealed carry. Not that someone planning to shoot up a place is thinking clearly and logically.


The Aurora shooter was standing down by the screen, everyone hit the deck, if even one of the three concealed carry permit holders there had had a weapon it might have ended quicker.

I have never seen a report of a concealed carry permit owner shooting anyone other than the person they are trying to hit. (I have read a couple where the guy they shot wasn’t the one they thought he was, but none where they missed and hit someone else, unlike almost every police department in the US). Most permit holders are aware that they don’t have qualified immunity and will go to federal-slam-you-in-the-ass prison for a long time if they hit someone else.

The number of wanna be mass shooters who kill themselves, run away, or give up when they even see another gun is pretty high. They don’t want their narrative spoiled, and getting shot by some yahoo at the movie theater doesn’t fit the story. It likely wouldn’t even require a close shot. Especially the Aurora dude since his AR jammed because of his stupid 100 round drum.

Again, assholes or really paranoid people will carry anyway, they don’t have metal detectors or searches. All the sign does is stop reasonable people. And those are the people you shouldn’t be stopping.


Yeah, the snitch is just the end of the game.


I just watched “Lars and the Real Girl”. Fantastic movie. Really odd, but fantastic.

A bare bones description of it is that a very shy slightly delusional guy falls in love with a sex doll, thinking she is real.
That description makes it sound quite sleazy and horrible, when in fact it is anything but. It is sweet and funny and well worth watching if you can get hold of it.