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Oddly enough, gun handling was pretty good in this. In fact, someone racked a slide and a round came out at one point if I remember through the haze. Fingers on triggers when appropriate, along the slide on pistols unless shooting.

OTOH, when they were clearing a room they whipped around corners and shoved their weapons around them like they were trying to hand them to the bad guys. A lot of quick up and down motions presenting and lowering their carbines, a half hour of that and they’d be exhausted. Also too much fun button, but that’s a normal movie thing.

The AKs at the funeral led to a brief rage out. I’ve done that detail quite a bit and that’s just wrong. It was weird, because they were presenting them, firing them, and charging them just like we did with 16s, so someone bothered to do it right, but with a Russian gun.


Or just try to park in any of the Metrocentres’ MSCPs. They recently resurfaced all three of them with this weird thick paint stuff (I think it might actually just be cement with paint in it) and good grief, my .9L car sounds like it’s in a high speed chase just driving on it. Accelerate a tad, SQUEAK, look at a corner, SQUEAL, think about taking the ramp up a level, SKWEEEE…


.9 liters? Holy crap. I didn’t realize they made car engines that small. I think the smallest you can get in the US is 1.6L unless you’re buying a Smart Car or something like that (and to drive one of those around here it helps to have a death wish). My Mazda has a 2.0L engine and it’s just a regular 4 cylinder compact, nothing special.


BTW, Jumanji gets the Woodman seal of approval. I went in expecting to hate it, and it was a fun little movie.

Watched it with Atmos sound and that was incredibly awesome.


I concur. I had low expectations but I enjoyed it.


That’s what she said.