Movie reviews


My wife and I watched some of “America’s Sweethearts” yesterday (it’s fairly old, but I recorded it off TV).

If you ever get the opportunity to watch this movie … Don’t!

It has a stellar cast, lots of big names - people who I usually enjoy watching. Billy Crystal co-wrote it, so you’d think it might be funny.
It isn’t.

It isn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen (that dubious honour goes to the Stallone movie “Oscar”), but it’s bad enough that I didn’t watch the whole thing.

Read Rotten Tomatoes before even considering watching this movie.


If your mystery reads like a new report if you put everything in the right order, you have a shitty mystery.

A normal day in my life could seem mysterious as hell if you don’t put it in the context of a phone call I got the night before saying a bunch of people were coming over for a surprise party for my wife. But if you have that one piece of info, it’s obvious.

Which is maybe why it made a good short story, but a bad movie. IF I waste 10 minutes reading something like that, I’m entertained, if I devote a couple hours to it I’m disappointed.

Also points up the difference between Sixth Sense and The Village. One is a decent movieeven if you know the reveal, the other is pointless.


I loved Oscar! I laughed so much during that movie.


Ain’t that the truth! There are a few rare exceptions (Sixth Sense is probably the best), but most of M. Night Shamalamadingdong’s movies make me want to punch him in the face. Or throat. Just as long as he suffers as much as the audience did watching his stinkers.


Unbreakable is one of my favorite movies ever.

All the rest of his movies are forgiven because of that one.


Also with Bruce Willis. Interesting. I’ve seen it, and it was ok, but it didn’t grab me. But I probably saw it when someone else picked the movie, and “dark with slow pace” would not have been my expectation, nor first choice, so it is no surprise that it isn’t a favorite.

I read an article that implied that Marvel asked him to write it, but that isn’t established as fact. Odd. Is it based on a comic?


Not directly, I watched the director interview on this one. It is based on the comic storyline, he had intended to do an Act I origin story, Act II fall from grace/moment of failure, and Act III redemption story line… But as he looked at the story more he kept focusing on the origin story until it became the whole movie.

This movie also has almost no jump cuts, in direct contrast to a comic’s format, but also fitting in with the whole page reveals. I think it’s also one of his movies where the reveal makes sense, when you find out you can easily put 2 + 2 + that hidden 1 and get 5.


So, it is not related to Marvel? Or does “based on the comic storyline” mean they want him to do a new story the way a comic book would tell it?

As I’ve said before, comic books were never my thing, so I don’t have any background knowledge other than Marvel and DC are separate publishers. I mean, I have heard of Batman, Superman, Ironman, etc., but until the movies came out, had never heard of Deadpool, Hellboy or Guardians of the Galaxy. Hell, it was decades before I found out that Howard the Duck and Judge Dredd were based on comics.
Stalone growling “I am the LAW!” LMAO, too funny. Especially when Rob Schneider mocks him.
In 86, I saw Howard the Duck in the theater, and actually own it on DVD now! Sure, it’s a little goofy and cheesy, but still funny. Hard to believe Lea Thompson is 55; she was yummy back in the day (not saying she isn’t now; she has aged well.)


Not related to Marvel except he wanted to take the superhero story as shown by Marvel and DC and mythologize it. Homerize it maybe?


Coolio, thanks :slight_smile:

Unrelated - I have a T-Mobile Tuesday credit and I’m thinking about renting Passengers but I’m worried that it might suck.

EDIT: I guess that’s not so much a review as a random non-sequitur, but that’s where my train of thought dropped me off.


Passengers was watchable. It had some interesting moments and the CGI was all pretty believable. I had to watch it after I started playing Seedship.


Along with The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, I’d add Signs to the list of his movies I like. But yeah, the rest of his movies just plain stink.


I saw it once, long ago, but hardly remember it. That was the one with the cabin in the middle of a field and aliens visit and turn out to be not friendly, but water kills them, so everything is peachy in the end? I don’t think I knew it was a MNight movie, or maybe didn’t know who he was yet, but I can totally see it now.

Coolio, I went ahead and rented it. I have 30 days to watch it. I think Seedship is the reason it piqued my interest, too. For some reason, I’m just not fond of the mockingjay chick, so that added to my hesitation.

Oh, that reminds me. Did anyone else see The Maze Runner and think it was a huge stinkbomb? It is another one that was based on an adolescent book series, though I didn’t know that when it hit Redbox, so I rented it based on:

  • the cover art looked vaguely interesting
  • I had a free rental code
  • there was nothing else more interesting available at that kiosk that I hasn’t already seen
    It was kind of a disappointing huge turd, and the ending was not so much a cliffhanger as a big, flashing, neon sign saying “there are going to be sequels.” Sure enough, the sequels have started. I almost want to see the first sequel, just out of morbid curiosity, but I know future me would just have to suffer disappointment, and that’s at least an hour that could be put to better use, like fishing, playing Fallout, or even hitting my thumb with a hammer.


Yes, but it was a farmhouse, not a cabin.


I watched John Wick 2 a few months ago and really enjoyed it, for what it was.

Here is something I want you to think about when you rewatch it, and you will now. The entire last shootout sequence took place in a heavily mirrored environment. Did you see a camera? Even once? I was really looking. There is even a scene where the mirrored doors of an elevator close in front of him, shot from behind. No camera anywhere in sight.

It took me out of the movie a bit to enjoy that, but the mental exercise was worth it after the hour of carnage that preceded it.


If they managed that by carefully placing the cameras and what angles they shot at, then that’s really skillful filmmaking. But there’s a lot of technology that could have been used to erased stray equipment getting filmed.


I’d bet it’s probably both in many modern movies. Eliminate the camera and such whenever possible, but don’t throw away a good shot because of a camera or other equipment. We’re all accustomed to the ‘invisible camera’ possible in animation, anyway,


It might be a couple of weeks before I get to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 since I’m on call right now and don’t want to chance going to see the movie only to have to leave before it’s over. Anyone else want to take a shot at a review for it?

Variety is projecting that it will earn $140 million this weekend, after pulling in $56.3 as of last night.


I rarely see movies at the theater. They’ve been replaying Guardians of the Galaxy on TV a lot lately, and I saw it as a rental discounted on either Vudu or Fandango. It was pretty good, so I might it the theater for Vol 2.


Saw Vol. 2 yesterday. It was good. I enjoyed it. Some unexpected feels toward the end.