Monday. Bleh

Most mornings I make it into my office and wonder what fresh hell will greet me. Since I work in Info/OpSec, it’s generally who hacked what, what exploits are being reported, and what (as a Healthcare org) I’m going to do to get ahead of it.

All praise the glory of coffee and tea.

Happy Monday, folks.


Geez, makes me glad my Monday morning worries are generally just “what part of the network failed yesterday?” so I can prepare myself for hordes of people calling in demanding compensation.

Yesterday was kind of a dull Monday.

Swapped out one HDD in our NAS (replacing its drives one-by-one as the current drives are not trusted, already had two failures), did a bit of work, spent the rest of the day catching up on social media, emails and other stuff.

Mondays are my best days. I’ve had a weekend to rest and I’m ready to go. By Thursday, however, I’m ready for the week to be over.

I like Tuesday better than Monday because tacos.