Mocking the scammers


We haven’t had one for a while, so I’m going to point to one that’s on Not Always Right, where a guy got his four-year-old daughter to help shut down a scammer:


I really should have paid more attention to exactly what they called about, but I was focusing on how well the text-to-speech program was doing in trying to sound like a human being. I think it was the “you’ve got a warrant out for your arrest so you have to call us now” scam. After it was done, I hung up and said in my best Russian accent, “Better luck next time, slughead.”


Every once in a while i get very poorly made “aPpLLe” recipts, that claim my bill is past due and that if i dont pay they will shut off my iphone 3gs (i have an XSM). It feel like zero effort was put into this scam…