Mocking the scammers


We haven’t had one for a while, so I’m going to point to one that’s on Not Always Right, where a guy got his four-year-old daughter to help shut down a scammer:

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I really should have paid more attention to exactly what they called about, but I was focusing on how well the text-to-speech program was doing in trying to sound like a human being. I think it was the “you’ve got a warrant out for your arrest so you have to call us now” scam. After it was done, I hung up and said in my best Russian accent, “Better luck next time, slughead.”


Every once in a while i get very poorly made “aPpLLe” recipts, that claim my bill is past due and that if i dont pay they will shut off my iphone 3gs (i have an XSM). It feel like zero effort was put into this scam…






Okay, so you’ve got a lottery scam you want to run on someone. Apparently it’s become standard practice that when you try to pursue it, you escalate it into threats of violence and pull up Google Earth so you can convince people you’re watching them right now.

So what do you do when you’re trying to scam someone who used to be the leader of both the FBI and the CIA? You brag to your victim about how the FBI and the CIA can’t find you.

Oops. Guess they can.


Epic fail.


Why, yes, I do completely believe you, robotic voice lady, when you say there is some kind of legal action in effect against my social security number, and I am prepared to call the number so I can talk to an agent about it.

Oh, darn. It’s just too bad that you read off the digits so fast that I couldn’t understand what the telephone number was supposed to be. If only you’d adjusted the timing in between each digit, you might have convinced me to call back. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the government to break down my door and haul me to jail.

Oh, wait! I don’t have to worry about replacing my front door after I get back from jail, because you called my work phone instead of my home phone. That means you would have had to break into my employer’s records, looked up my work number and decided to call me on that one instead of my home phone. If you can’t be bothered to break into a computer system properly, then why bother.


T-X excercising its social engineering skills? :laughing:


Gonna try the “my PC has become self-aware” line…

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