Mocking the scammers

Lol. People like these most probably have no idea how the internet works.

Artesian Builds appears to be toast. Or, in keeping with the theme of Artesian being a type of aquifer, the company was drowned by the actions of one person, the CEO.

Watch the Gamers Nexus rundown of what happened Monday and Tuesday. He was going to give Noah Katz the same kind of opportunity as he gave Newegg to talk about what happened and Noah proved to Steve it would have been a waste of time. I’ll give you the bullet points, but watch the video. It’s good.

  • The State of California suspended AB’s business license. Not sure if this is a result of the giveaway fiasco or something else.
  • AB’s bank accounts were frozen.
  • The password to AB’s Twitter account was changed, so employees can’t access it.
  • Noah, “as advised by legal”, directed employees to stop doing refunds.
  • Noah continues to talk with Steve about meeting for the interview. Offers to get them lunch, make sushi or something similar.
  • The email between Steve and Noah was shared on AB’s internal Slack and employees start reaching out to Steve separately.
  • March 8: Noah announces on AB’s Slack a full freeze on all business financial activities. They will undergo a financial analysis by an outside counsel. All employment for all employees is suspended. Hopes to resume at end of March.

The 40-50 employees in AB’s two offices are now out of a job.

They had two offices: west coast (San Francisco) and one on the east coast, semi-autonomous of each other. Noah ran the west coast location and primarily focuses on advertising (and schmoozing – my assessment).

East coast was run by the COO and mostly built the computers that were ordered. COO gets into a disagreement with Noah and quits in November. No replacement was hired. Noah kind of acts as CEO and COO.

Noah keeps trying to get the interview with Steve going, being real friendly like, then suddenly switches to everything’s now confidential after Steve had made it clear this would be on public record. This needed to be an impartial and fair meeting so that it would be entirely up to Noah as to what happens to Artesian Builds, good or bad. Steve’s no longer interested in meeting with Noah, even if there was a company left to talk about.

In the middle of the video, Steve recommends that anyone with an order at AB, cancel it immediately by contacting their credit card company for a charge back. That’s the only way they might be able to get their money back.

Some good news. Steve is in contact with a few of the former employees that were at the east coast office. He’s going to put them in touch with various companies to see if they might have a job those people could fit.

It’s often said that one person can make a difference and a positive impact. It’s equally true that the impact can be massively negative and wipe out all positive work that was done before.

AB website is offline. LinkedIn profile is missing.

I just had a weird encounter. I don’t know if it was a scam or a miscommunication. I have a queen sized mattress/boxspring in the driveway that I’m getting rid of. I called my local waste company because we have two free large pickups per year and made an appointment for the 14th.

I just had two guys with a large truck show up and try to charge me $80 to haul them away.

I’d bet they were counting on you not knowing the ins and out of your local waste management.
They’d pick it up, charge you $$$, then dump it on some back street in the industrial zone.


Well, looks like they were scammers. My regular waste pickup team picked them up today.

Don’t you love it when the moderators of two forums work together to give scammers a good banhammering?

Don’t want to divulge too much detail, but basically what happened is that a scammer posted a scam on one forum, then suckered some people into it, then run the same scam on another forum, and suckered people into it as well.

Until somebody who frequent both forums got Clued Up and informed the moderators…

Sadly, I think this is going to start to be the norm going forward.

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As of June 21, “appears to be” is “is”. They’re officially bankrupt. All of their assets are going up for auction, but in single lots: one for the west coast office, one for the east coast office and one for their intangibles (company name, mailing lists, etc.), which KristoferYee is evaluating as being about worthless. No buying individual items.

Whilst perusing my junk mail, I found this WTF gem :

Seems as if somebody’s using this to poison Bayesian filters.

And I’m not gonna clickee that linkee in the middle of that word salad.

Edit : there is a message of some sorts in there, but I cannot be arsed to find it.

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Ook, where is your sense of adventure?? :slight_smile:

A quick session with a text editor returns the “secret message”:

“Dear Customer, The package sent to you has been delivered to Post Office and should be delivered withing 48h. Please confirm the payment (1.99 ZAR) on the link below within a maximum of 14 days before it expires: Follow my package hxxps://dlvr[dot]it/SQpykD This email is provided for informational purposes only and does not guarantee delivery of the shipment. Unable to reply to this email. Your e-mail address will only be used for the announcement of the parcel of the above shipment and will not be saved for advertising purposes. If you no longer wish to receive the package announcement, please click here: PostOffice Notification Service”

Putting the link into gets you the following result: “The link has been removed”

I was just plain lazy :slight_smile: But thanks for deciphering the message.

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