Mobile issues?

Redmi 4A

Got this oddjob : the thread number does not move away from obscuring the text.

Hmpfh. Now it fixed itself miraculously.

/me blames santa’s naughty elves

Not Gremlins? It’s definitely the season for Gremlins.

…aaaaaaand I know what we’re watching before bed tonight! :joy:

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Ahhh, gremlins… Watched it yonkers ago. Which reminds me of…



It’s possible you caught the site in the middle of an upgrade. I tend to just run them whenever I get a notice from the forum application that there’s a new version available, and while the upgrade is going on Weird Things can happen.

Also, a caveat: I use mobile browsers only in emergencies, so I am utterly unequipped to either know or care what the mobile site looks like. sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hi Lee

No problem. Guess that’s what happened then. :slight_smile:

Usually the mobile version of this site just works. I am using mobile devices at home as we don’t have proper internet or electrical power yet.

TBH I prefer using a PC for most as mobile devices still are limited in certain regards.

Still having fun on this forum :smile:



Damnit now I’m having flashbacks to childhood when the diesel ran out and everything would go pitch black with a very disappointing ‘put-put-put-pluhhhhh’ echoing from the shed.