Mmmm... Pizza

That sounds delicious, actually. :thinking:

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Both of them are, but some folks are less experienced… :wink:

Pineapple is the best Pizza.

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Chorizo and potato pizza?
This place is an amazing secret place to get inexpensive, delicious food. The menu is different every week.


That restaurant is owned by the same people who run the new lunch place in the building I work in, I think! I opened the tab

I might try the chorizo and potato. It’s a bit outside my comfort zone, but sounds good.

I really liked the new-ish trend for the fast-baked individual pizzas. We’ve got a couple local, but we had a great meal at a Blaze Pizza in Tempe when I was out there a few months back. Being able to pick your own topics and such similar to a subway or Chipotle works pretty well, although even the small is ‘sometime food’ for me due to the size. It looked like it was doing pretty good business in a college town, though.

Although, to topic shift the recently-spawned thread, the star dining of that trip was the Cornish pasty Co. That is highly recommended if you’re near a location.

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One of my favourites is Il Fornello’s Fig & Prosciutto pizza. Sweet and savoury at the same time. Mascarpone, prosciutto, figs, shaved parmigiana, honey, and arugula (although I get it without the arugula since I don’t like it).


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I’d probably skip the figs, but I could always toss those at someone that likes them (or maybe be adventurous and try them).

Looks good though.

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Is it really pizza if it doesn’t have tomato sauce?

I’m trying to remember if the Robot or Not podcast covered that topic. It seems like something they’d do. The whole podcast is basically one picky person getting quizzed to make arbitrary determinations about the canonicity of things. (Initially, robots.)

(Update: They did!)

I listened to the podcast. Interesting. I’m probably more traditional that the picky person about pizza.

The times I’ve had ‘pizza’ that didn’t have a tomato based sauce, or that had primarily non-white cheeses, they weren’t pizzas to me. Like chicken alfredo pizza - chicken alfredo, complete with a white creme sauce, sitting on pizza bread - it was just wrong. Similar to the guy’s example of turkey dinner pizza. Just. Not. Pizza. Or cheeseburger pizza, which I’ve seen with either American or cheddar cheese, and both were unacceptable. Even adding bacon doesn’t give the cheeseburger pizza salvation.

But that’s just my opinion. To each their own.

He would probably say he’s been corrupted by his heathen friends from places like California or Maryland. (Really, he blamed California for non-standard bagels.)

I’ve enjoyed white pizza, but it’s kind of the “Well, I want pizza yet I am tired of pizza at the same time.”


Like, isn’t your breakfast cereal actually soup?

But I’m with the Fast Flightless Bird: Pizza without tomato sauce is suspect. Sub in garlic sauce for tomato but keep the cheese and othe toppings… that I can live with.

Otherwise it’s a open-face flatbread sandwich, no?

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Now I want pizza. Mountain Mike’s just opened here by the school. Today is the last day of the mod. I could probably get a student to go pick it up…

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No, your cereal is soup!

Arguing about categorization of things seems like such a programmer-ish thing to do, to be honest. I’m honestly not sure on that podcast the extent to which Siracusa is joking at any time.

As to Pizza: We’re on a voluntary hold as to carry-out food for a couple weeks as we start the Kitchen remodel soon and I know we’ll be eating carry-out or limited-cooking meals since we’ll have no stove, limited fridge, etc.

Looks like two big food groups are out for me: pizza and barbecue foods. I said elsewhere on the forums there is a Freschetta pizza I was keen on because it was the best I’d found in terms of calories versus toppings and size, but once I started looking at sodium, the entire pizza is at ~125% of the daily recommended limit. Even some of the smaller pizzas like a Totino’s Party Pizza can easily be half a day’s worth of salt.

I located the nutrition info for Famous Dave’s and spotted one item that tops out at 8,390mg of sodium, 3.6x the recommended limit and 5.6x the idea limit. Most other items are in the 1-2x range, easy.

It’s going to be a case where if I want to eat either of these, I have to plan out the day’s meals ahead of time so whatever salt’s in breakfast and lunch won’t drive dinner over the line. Jerky and summer sausages are already off my menu.

I might have better luck with Chinese and Japanese food. I already had no interest in soy sauce so I don’t have to worry about that.

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What about a true cauliflower crust pizza? We have an amazing chain here in Central Ohio with a great thin crispy true low carb cauli crust pizza and it’s less than 400mg sodium for the entire 10" crust. Of course toppings add some but maybe that’s an option for special days?

Can’t help with the bbq; that stuff’s always salty :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Teehee, I wrote a blog post about this an embarrassingly long time ago . . .

We cheat a lot when making pizza, because I’m also lazy. Recently, I browned a can of chicken, added some BBQ sauce, then sprinkled on some garlic powder and crushed pecans. It was really good! :slight_smile:

Pizza is one of my favorite foods. :wink: I am all in favor for a thread about pizza.


Tonight I’ll be making a pizza from some dough I bought from a local Italian shop and had put in the freezer last April. I also thawed out the pizza mozzarella and pepperoni I put in there as well.
We’ll see how things go, I guess.
I just never got the BBQ out of the garage last year. It’s out now, cleaned and refreshed, and I put the soapstone plates down. I’m ready to go. I suppose I should at least fire it up this morning to make sure it works before I go much further.

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We’re trying a focaccia bread pizza this weekend.

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Ookson’s trying out different pizza dough recipes.

Last one was a bit dry and crumbly, so he’ll try, try again until he find the right thing.

I’m happy to let him experiment as he is learning something. Experience counts a lot.

Of course I can say “google for recipes” but what’s the fun in that?