Mmmm... Pizza

So, uh, opinions on pineapple pizza?

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I love this one guy who totally gets it.

Senator Ron Wyden tweeted that “my opinion on pineapple pizza is Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump need to stop obstructing election security legislation.”

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Pineapple on pizza?

Yeah, that’s called a ‘Hawaiian’.


Don’t start.

Like @Viking said, the Hawaiian is ham & pineapple, so not an unknown recipe. But I prefer pepperoni & pepperoni - good balance of savory & sweet. Ham sometimes has a bad texture on pizza, and doesn’t have as much flavor as pepperoni.

A Canadian invention, and full of sweet and salty goodness!

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For the record, while my tastes may be pretty simple, I don’t care what you want to put on your pizza unless it smells really, really bad.

(In which case, please don’t eat it around me.)


Pepperoni and Banana Peppers.

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I actually really like ground beef, hot banana pepper rings, and corn on my pizza.

Pizza? Yum.

Vegetarian or anything with chicken or beef. Just not pork.

And, as @balance said - as long as it smells tasty, it’s good to go.

Anything that smells iffy is not edible IMO :stuck_out_tongue:

My current favorite for pizza is sausage, green peppers, and roma tomatoes.

If I’m being polite, bacon, green olives and double onions, please.

If I don’t want to deal with anyone else, onions, double garlic, olives, habaneros and triple anchovies… It was dubbed the ‘F*ck Off’ Pizza by former workmates for a reason.


Do we need to petition the moderators for a pizza thread?

Or am I just hungry for lunch?

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I’m willing to create a thread for pizza. :drooling_face:


That sounds delicious, actually. :thinking:

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Both of them are, but some folks are less experienced… :wink:

Pineapple is the best Pizza.

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Chorizo and potato pizza?
This place is an amazing secret place to get inexpensive, delicious food. The menu is different every week.


That restaurant is owned by the same people who run the new lunch place in the building I work in, I think! I opened the tab

I might try the chorizo and potato. It’s a bit outside my comfort zone, but sounds good.

I really liked the new-ish trend for the fast-baked individual pizzas. We’ve got a couple local, but we had a great meal at a Blaze Pizza in Tempe when I was out there a few months back. Being able to pick your own topics and such similar to a subway or Chipotle works pretty well, although even the small is ‘sometime food’ for me due to the size. It looked like it was doing pretty good business in a college town, though.

Although, to topic shift the recently-spawned thread, the star dining of that trip was the Cornish pasty Co. That is highly recommended if you’re near a location.

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One of my favourites is Il Fornello’s Fig & Prosciutto pizza. Sweet and savoury at the same time. Mascarpone, prosciutto, figs, shaved parmigiana, honey, and arugula (although I get it without the arugula since I don’t like it).


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