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Looking for anyone with information about using Miracast tech to send content from their device to a tv. My tv is dumb and doesn’t have any kind of connectivity, which is really the way that I prefer it.
Now that I’m getting a new device that has a desktop system if cast to an HDMI display, I’d like to see if I can get that working. TV or monitor. I have a lot of screens here to play with.
I’m looking at the Fire TV Stick Lite. I don’t have any kind of Amazon automation in the house (and that’s not likely to change), so I could certainly go with a cheaper option. I’ve seen some Miracast receivers for $10. I don’t know how much I’d trust them. I only want to plug it into a screen to receive the signal I’m sending from my tablet. I don’t need it to stream additional content.

Not sure what you mean here. Miracast (and by extension, Chromecast, since that’s what Chromecast is built on) doesn’t use your tablet as the “receiver” for the media content. Once you initiate the cast, the Miracast device takes over and pulls it directly using whichever app it has loaded to handle the URL/API for that particular service in question. Once you press the cast button (unless you’re just using it to mirror your device’s screen) your tablet stops handling the media entirely and just acts like a remote control.

What exactly is the use case you’re trying to accomplish?

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Maybe I’m using the wrong term. I’ve never used this before.
I want to wirelessly mirror my device on an HDMI screen: either tv or monitor.
When I run DEX on my tablet, it will search for HDMI signals in the area and switch to desktop mode. I’ve already gotten it to work using an HDMI cable. I want to use it on the tv upstairs in the living room from my big, comfy chair.
Many of the forums I’m reading say that a Fire TV or Roku stick will work. Samsung says to find a Miracast device.
This, for example, is what I was looking at instead:

I already have a laptop hooked up to that tv. I have a laptop hooked up to the tv downstairs, too.
All I have to do is wirelessly project to the laptop as follows:
Note: the device must support ‘Miracast’.
Which, of course, neither of my laptops support.
Double dumbass.
Okay, Still looking for a working device to plug into either the laptop or monitor. I don’t know if plugging the device into the laptop would solve this particular issue. Begin research mode.

Okay, I guess I’m just looking for a wireless display adapter to connect to either the tv or the laptop. If I connect it to the laptop and connect my tablet to the laptop which is displayed on the tv, I should be able to use the mouse and keyboard that are already wirelessly connected to the laptop. Oops, no. They have to be connected to the tablet. Of course.
Whew! Isn’t technology fun?

Ok, yeah. If you’re looking to do wireless screen mirroring of your tablet, then yes, Miracast will do that and SHOULD support audio as well, at least for Android (I’m not an iDevice user, so I’m a lot more limited on knowledge there). If you have a Miracast-capable computer (or dongle for said computer) you can do it to that as well. That dongle you linked should allow you to do mirroring straight to the TV from the tablet.