Might have some downtime later today or tomorrow

Thanks to the Discourse Team, we’ve finally fixed my long-running Docker issue! This means I can (finally) rip out LXC/LXD and pull Docker up to running natively on the OS instead of hiding inside a container (containers inside of containers makes me a sad sysadmin).

Just an FYI to everyone—the switchover will involve some downtime, but hopefully not a lot. Will try to get this put to bed either this evening after work or tomorrow AM. I don’t think the result will be all that visible to you guys, but it’ll save me some RAM from not having to run the separate LXC container and it’ll simplify my life quite a bit from an admin perspective.

This is done—sorry for anyone who tried to post between, like, 10pm central and like 4am central. This migration was really weird, but I think it’s done now.

Please let me know if anyone sees anything weird happening.

Didn’t notice a thing.

Glad to hear it! The process wasn’t complex, but it was time consuming—you have to take a full-state backup of Discourse (which is just a single button), then kill the old Discourse instance, stand up a new one from scratch, do the discourse bootstrap dance, register an admin user, then log in and restore the backup. The restore took hours, and I don’t remember it ever taking that long. I started at about 10pm central, then gave up and went to bed at midnight with it still churning.

Woke up this AM expecting to find a broken forum, but apparently the restore eventually completed and here we are.

Discourse has evolved hugely over the past three-ish years—I remember having to manually compile Nginx with Passenger and do all sorts of insane shit just to get it to run properly, and then re-do it for every upgrade. Now it’s all GUI-driven and automatic, and I have to say I’m super happy from an admin perspective.

Which is good, because I don’t want to ever have to swap forum software again :smiley:

Only thing I noticed was my always-logged-in-account had been logged out.

Yeah, that makes sense. This is an entirely new Discourse instance, so cookies from yesterday will all be invalid.

Is this similar to the Safety Dance?

@DocDubious, I got logged out, too.

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Me three. :slight_smile:

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We should be demanding videos if it is.

No hats will be allowed in said video.

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Will there be midgets?