MeWe seems to be geoblocked

MeWe seems to be geoblocked in Russia, Bangladesh and South Africa.

South Africa for new registrations only though. Not sure about the others.

Just a headsup. If I vanish and is offline for a long time, then somethibg is up, although I doubt they will geoblock CoG.

The good thing is a lot of the content blockers put things like bigdinosaur under categories like “personal” so it tends to Ben less than controversial. My work doesn’t block it, but we’re very relaxed and not political.

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Yikes! I certainly hope you don’t get blocked from access here. Are VPN services still available to you? I know they’re not in China & North Korea, but I don’t know out South Africa.

All I can think of is that somebody in our lovely govt may be pissed at mewe (their strict privacy policy). Or I may be wrong.

Interesting times for sure.

Should be. I’m not going to worry about that until stuff happens.

When that happens, I’ll make a plan. Or do something.

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Symantec and Palo Alto both categorize bigdino as “personal sites” with Palo saying ‘low risk’ which they should definitely change to ‘mostly harmless.’

Sounds accurate. I guess it will change if @Lee_Ars every writes a nasty article about either of them. :astonished:

I don’t know what governments are using for similar categorizations, but I’d bet it’s the same plus some custom lists, especially for governments that can’t afford heavy custom work.

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