Merry Winter Holiday!

Merry Winter Holiday from SiliconCactus, Zesstra & DemonSpawn!


I’m going to be a rebel and say Merry Christmas. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want you to have a happy celebration of whatever you want to celebrate, of course. :smiley:


LOL, Christmas @Nabiki. :wink:

Merry Christmas, or at least federal holiday for USians.

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I just checked and this old holiday favorite is still going. In fact, the graphics are much better now, similar to Google Earth. So those of you with kids young enough to be impressed:

Apparently, Santa has just left the North Pole and is heading southish over the Bering Sea.

@sig could probably convince his kids that it’s his “boss” tracking Santa. Just sayin’.

Merry Christmas folks.

First world problem here, working today and Friday. And I’m sick as a dog with no time off left. But it will still be a great holiday.

Merry Christmas, Stacey Addison.

I just posted a bunch of my winter-themed wallpapers to my new blog.

Threadus resurrectus! The sentiment is still the same, though. Happy holidays to everyone! :christmas_tree:

Merry Christmas (or $appropriate_seasonal_greeting :wink: ) everybody


I made gift boxes for everyone and they liked them.

That’s a hand made box, socks and hat for my brothers in law, a candle or slippers for my sisters in law, honey from our hive, jam from teh farmer’s market, and the fixings for beer bread.

And everyone have a nice day. I had to brave heavy snow last night to make the normally hour drive from my MiL’s to church, took two hours. But today is a stay inside day.


Happy Hogswatch everyone!

Merry Christmas to my online friends!

I’m sick of people telling me I can’t say ‘Happy Honda Days’ because I might offend someone who celebrates ‘Toyota-thon’. So I guess now I’m supposed to wish everyone a ‘Happy Winter Car Sale’?

P.s… On a serious note, I hope everyone got some good loot.


Happy Hyperconsumptionday!

A note to the wise; never let your parents cook when your spouse has been spoiling you rotten all year with good cooking :joy:


This is why we always have people to ours for Christmas, and now New Year also.

I like meat, not dried out shoe soles…

She made vegetarian gravy.

You know the water that collects in the bottom of jars that have been left in the garage, all grey with bits in? I’m pretty sure she used that as the stock.

(She being the mater unit)

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Christmas at the Keeper household was quiet, just the way we like it. Stayed in, opened presents early, got a little intoxicated, and lazed through Super Mario Bros 3 on the living room TV with bluetooth controllers and a whole shitload of game genie codes (emulation is the best thing ever).

It was a Good Day.

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