Memorial Stuff

So… Mom passed away just before Thanksgiving (thank you for the condolences) and because of the holidays and some other things, my sisters and I decided to put off having a memorial till mid Jan. I went over to her place with my sisters and we started seeing what should go where. One of the things I wanted was all the old family photos. Dad was an amateur photographer and mom had about 5000 slides and negatives. I took it upon myself to scan everything in and post it up for the rest of the family but now I need to think of the memorial coming up. My job is the slideshow for the thing.

I’m looking for suggestions on what to use for a slide show software and some broadcast ideas. I have hundreds of photos and more coming in so subject material is not an issue. I don’t plan on making a show with sound so I don’t have to worry about that (music will be centrally played). PowerPoint is easy enough to do but I don’t want this to look like a business pitch. Currently, I’m leaning towards MovAVI’s Slideshow. I also have to think about the broadcast. Details are scarce, but I will probably have 2 TV’s available. I also have my little Nebula projector if I need it. I can use my laptop but I can also load up some flash media if I need too. I think I can ChromeCast to multiple devices so I could buy 2 more for the TV’s. I could also just use local media and get a Roku stick for each TV. I can’t assume I’ll have smart TV’s either and I doubt they will be near each other. The Chromecast thing could work well though if I could cast to multiple devices. I could bring an AP to set up my own network too. That way I could take all the photos (not just what’s in the slideshow) and share them out for anyone. Hmm… I have a buddy who does web design too. We could make a web portal for browsing the media.

Anyone got any ideas?

We had a similar quandary not very long ago.

One of Six (Oldest sib) just used Windows 7 Pictures folder, which has a native slideshow.

Works as a very basic “cycle through these pics” kind of show… cannot say of there were timing or fade options, sorry.