Management Woes

So I’m less than a month into this gig and I’m already getting annoyed. Not at my staff - they are amazing as always. With two of the other three managers. Trying to get anything accomplished with them is impossible. The fourth manager (my bff) had a great idea for investing in staff education, created a policy and contract for it, and submitted it to the group for review. Three weeks ago. Monday I had to basically force one of them to read it, but I still don’t have feedback so I’m going to push again.

We need to have a manager meeting bc we have a new dr, one dr going on maternity leave in three weeks, and two new Drs starting. After talking about it for a month I just said I’m scheduling the meeting what day of the week works? And just scheduled it.

I asked what my responsibilities are/will be. Got a generic “increase income, build the practice, blah blah blah” response. So I’ll be fleshing out an email today on that.

And we still don’t have a Dr schedule for may. :roll_eyes:

She did tell me they brought me on to lead this clinic so she can move to another at least half time. Which is fine with me. But then give me to power to lead. Don’t pussyfoot shit. Luckily my bff and I are on the same page about things, and now the power is balanced. She and I will be at this clinic full time so hopefully we can push things through.

If they thought I was a pushover and would just go along to get along, they are sorely mistaken. :smiling_imp:


It could be worse, as we’ve discussed on Discord.

Can you pull the “if I don’t hear from you by ‘x date’ I will assume you are okay with the proposal and will move forward accordingly” trick?


It’s not a trick. It works. You’re basically asking them to opt-in to manage. If they can’t be bothered enough to reply/object/read, then there is no excuse.
In the absence of opposition, we take the most expedient action.


And once action is taken, and executed, and you don’t like it, then tough on you for not contributing when requested.


Exactly what I did. Suddenly she was all over it. :smirk:


Sounds like our “three strike” policy with tickets. Suddenly once we send out the “This is my third attempt to get a hold of you. If I don’t hear from you by EOD I will close the ticket and you’ll have to call the help desk to open a new one” email, they have time to call us back. I’d say a good 40% of the time they say “Oh it’s taken care of already.” So send me an email and let me know, doofus.

I know that feeling. I’m perfectly fine with an “It’s fixed, go away” email response and I’d really prefer that over no response at all.

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Well, this Friday is the first managers meeting with all four of us. And I have a list. Most of which I already emailed her about that it needs addressed. But I’m pretty sure she’s going to be quite surprised at the fact that I have many opinions about many things. And now it’s not just her money she’s messing around with. If my job is to make the clinic grow and be more profitable, then I’m going to fight to get the tools I need to do that. Including keeping my doctors at my clinic. If she wants to fool around up at the other clinic then fine, but idc what happens there. Not my clinic, not my money, not my problem. And most importantly, not my doctors.

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