Making your own LED lights

As per this comment by @Rizak here. (had to use my bed as room was full of stuff and I had no other place to work…)

Step 1. Obtain a strip of 12V LED lights.

Step 2. Separate them.

Step 3. Obtain an enclosure you fancy. I chose this specific one as it is kinda hard to see the details inside, plus it allows for distribution of the light.

Step 4. Modify enclosure and place strip light inside, with wiring to connect up to power source.

Step 5. Testing (had to use a battery charger which induced a bit of flickering).

For a 12V LED light it makes more than enough light. Plus, since it does not use an inverter, or 240V (110V) wiring, you can wire it up to a battery which can be charged from solar energy. Or wind energy if you want to.

Care must be taken to polarity, as the LED’s I’ve used will not work if polarity is reversed. It won’t damage them though.

If you want to wire it up to 240V, you’ll need to add additional circuitry to make it accept 240V without popping spitzensparken, and this is beyond the scope of this little post.


I love playing with LED lights. I can pretend I know what the hell I am doing.

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