Looking for two specific features on a cell phone


Pokemon Go is a battery hog. If I didn’t play, my phone’s charge would last 2-3 days (when it was new). If I play, the charge lasts about 3 hours.


I’m an iPhone person, but I do feel that the biggest power hog on my phone is firing up GPS/Location Services. Last vacation I used it sparingly when walking, basically turning navigation on/off as needed and not doing any turn-by-turn. Actually worked pretty well, and we avoided “GPS Dependency Syndrome.”

When we did our WDW trips we used it pretty heavily (and their app definitely consumes some battery if used heavily), but they have reasonably good park-wide WiFi so at least you’re able to use that and spare the cell radios a bit.


Yeah. GPS is a battery hog. I noticed it long ago when using it for driving directions. I turn it off when not using it.


Got a Xiaomi Redmi 4A.

Nice phone, but the recent software upgrade borked its hotspot. Gah.

There is another upgrade in the works, will wait for it and see if this fix the hotspot issue.