Lettuce Locker

I just can’t stop. I’m always making something new, looking for the next thing.

Newest thing: the Lettuce Locker.

With the renewed interest in and ‘legalization’ of the Devil’s Lettuce here in Canuckistan, I thought I’d get in on the boom and make something up for the discerning and thoughtful pot smokers. A portable ritual box.

A ritual box is a lovely box that has all of the accessories and items you would need to enjoy your hobby. Take it out when needed, put it away when done.

Mine is going to be a hinged tin (the same size as Altoids) with a second sliding top tin inside. I’m getting/making some beeswax coated hemp twine to use as a wick. The wick is to light your product so you aren’t inhaling all that harsh and harmful butane and flint powder, or sulphur. The wick produces a pure flame with materials that you’re inhaling anyway.

I’ll probably have to find a way to line the outer tin with box board inserts or make a hemp cloth insert (like in a tin of Altoids) to make it more silent.

So, in the tin you would keep some greenery from your home stash (or a couple of pre-rolled), a lighter or matches, the wick, and that’s it. It would keep everything (except a bowl) together in one place, easy to find.

Now, I don’t smoke. Never have. I don’t even think I know anyone who smokes anymore. Let me know what you think or if you find any utility in this idea.

Outer tin.

Inner tin. Not to scale.


That last picture shows both a regular and mini lighter to see if they’d fit. The mini might not fit in the actual tin (in that orientation) because it is pretty snug in the mockup.

Plenty of room.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

If my alcohol ink art (rum art) comes along, I may paint a couple of the box tops to see how that goes over. Might be worth a few extra bucks if it looks good.

Regardless, I’m planning to spray paint the tops of both tins the same colour to make a set. I’ve found it best to give customers a choice, no matter what that choice is. Size, colour, material, anything. For this, it will be colour and eventually artwork.

I also need to find a cheap way to impress my company name on the bottom of both tins.

So, for the two tins and a length of hemp wick (and a hemp cloth inside), what would you want/expect to pay?

How about a snuffer for the wick and or leftover blunt?

I’d say you’ve got two price points there. A 4x6 wooden ritual box with simple carving (Empty, so let’s trade decoration for stuff inside) lists for $20. The slightly fancier stuff starts at $40-50, and then it gets silly from there.

Maybe the price point you’re looking at is $30? If you can sell it at $20 then I would, and then the upgrades for $30…

But I don’t know your costs. It’s not something I’d buy, but $20 is in reach for a oh, hey, cool purchase.

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Just FYI … cost is a bit over $2 for both tins and 3m of waxed cord. Maybe a bit more with the spray paint and packaging. Certainly under $5.

Yeah, I was thinking $25 and $30-$35 for specials. That way I can wholesale at half that and still be happy.

The wick can just be waved or pinched and it goes out. I could include a bit of soapstone for extinguishing. I certainly have enough of it. Put some 2-sided tape on the back for easy application (by purchaser). Maybe a bit of sandpaper on one edge for wooden matches. I could probably include a bunch of those as well.

Again, I’m not really hip on usage. A bowl user would have slightly different needs from a roller. I’m just starting my exploration into the different needs. Although, I’ve already bought enough materials to make a gross units … you know, to test the waters.

Here is a shot of how typical spray paint wears.

This is one of the smaller tins that I’ve had in my bag for over 10 years to hold the business cards I get printed at MOO.com. This tin is the perfect size. I put one coat of yellow on the lid before I started to use it. No primer. I’d say that it wears pretty well.

The inner tin is exactly 3", the same size as a standard rolling paper. I’m just saying.

I’m definitely getting more MOO cards printed for this project, and one will be in every inner tin.

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I would suggest a second coat of clearcoat over the color paint, and possibly over the bottom, to make your logo or whatever last longer.
Also, for the inner liner, you could get a thicker paper, like somewhere between construction paper and poster board (cardstock might work) and cut a liner out, all in one piece. Like this…

Fold the top & bottom over, and wrap the upright around the inside. Thicker material should still bend, but have enough body to last, and insulate from excessive noise/rattling.

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Oh, for sure. The first run will just be the spray paint in a handful of choices. I still need to work on the artistic angle. Clear coat would be mandatory over the rum ink art.

My plan is to get a metal stamp made so I can emboss the bottoms of the tins with my branding. That’d be a hundred dollars or so. Easily absorbed into the production costs. The guys at Infinity Stamps do good work, so I’ll probably give them the nod.

Your image is what I had in mind for a liner. A couple of glue dots would hold it in place, but I’d have to cut them all out by hand or get a die made, which isn’t cheap. Hemp fabric squares are an added expense and a bit of work, but would work better for muffling any sound from things bouncing around in the tin. I’ll likely make up a printable PDF so customers can make their own out of whatever material they like: old comic books, leather, fabric, felt, whatever.


I realized that I had one of the larger tins handy as well. Here is a stylized mockup of the larger tin, smaller tin, and a lighter. There is actually enough room to put a second smaller tin on top and close the lid, so there will be lots of space for the wick and hemp fabric.