Least favorite online meeting tool?

Wo what’s your least favorite meeting tool, and why? Mine is currently Microsoft Teams: We have a few groups that favor it over Webex and it’s just different enough to be annoying.

We use Teams for internal meetings or direct chats, and everything in between.

One of our larger business units used to use Zoom before they were acquire and. just. won’t. drop. it.
No one else needs or uses it, just them.

Between the two I like Teams better. One, it’s the tool we use day-in, day-out so we know the how-tos.
Two, anyone can mute anyone. So if someone shows up chewing on the bag of chips, I can slap them into silence with one little click.

In Zoom we all have to put up with the meeting lead repeating : “If you’re not talking could you mute yourself?” I get it that they’re busy doing meeting stuff and shouldn’t have to see who it is that’s making the noise, so I love being able to help.


I don’t know if it’s all Teams or the way my org has it configured but I’ve had to help the boss by jumping on calls because we can’t dial in via phones for some reason.

I have one vendor that uses Zoom so it’s familiar-ish.

I have one group of users that uses Amazon’s tool. Didn’t know they had a video solution. Neither did I until a month or two back. I think they kind of have to use it since they talk to Amazon people regularly.

I don’t like any of them. GoToMeeting seems to be the worst of what I’ve used lately.

They all suck.
Teams sucks the worst.
Zoom is tolerable when it’s not killing itself to install updates.

Teams by default is not set up for dial-in. An admin has to add that to each person who will be holding meetings that needs that capability.

Zoom’s had more than a few security issues in the lead-up to these tools being essential. I’m amazed at how well they’re doing, but I guess it helped that they got a lot of the market from people that needed a tool for individual private groups.