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I kind of miss knowing which of my posts are getting the likes. That feature went away a long time ago, and it wasn’t important enough to gripe about, but I’m an information junkie, and I like to know…


It overlaps content pretty easily. Maybe better if I had a huge monitor, but work’s only paying for so much.

(‘Liked’ Nabiki’s post to make her feel better. or drive her crazy. Your pick!)


If you click on your avatar at the top, don’t you get a drop down list of likes & replies?
How were you getting like notifications before?


You do, but only for the first like. I used to be able to look at my profile and see a list of liked posts. I could see at a glance how many likes they got.


Hey @Lee_Ars
I tried to Reply to posts by @Woodman and @balance, but the vertical slider bar covers my “Reply” button!


Weird, three reply buttons now, with two of them having the same purpose.


I see that too. There’s a reply directly under the slider to reply to the thread, a reply under the last post to reply to the post, and a reply in the usual place to reply to the thread.


Yeah, might be fixed by making the window wider. It seems to have dissapeared, and was kind of an ugly element from a visual design standpoint…

(Wait, nevermind: It disappears when the text entry window is open.)


Seems like when the viewport gets smaller than about 1260 pixels on Chrome, bad overlaps start to happen.


Seems like you’re using Chrome when you should in fact be using notChrome. :wink:

Also yeah, Safari does it too. My above snide remark is moot. I would check in Opera but what’s the point, I’ll never get those fifteen seconds of my life staring at the beachball back…


Happening on Chrome at home and Firefox at work. I had to zoom the screen out to get rid of the overlap. Now I’m squinting at the text.


I just feel sorry for whomever is reading this on an old-standard 1024x768 screen. Or good ol’ SuperPAL 1280x1024…


Huh, just noticed the weirdness with the new “elevator” nav bar thingy and narrower windows. Never saw it before because I’ve never used a window that narrow.

I think it’s becuase I"m overriding the default post width to make things wider (compare how comment threads look on the main discourse dev forum). Lemme play with this and see what I can do.

OK, I removed the override, which seems to help some. Honestly, I probably just need to re-theme everything again, since so much has changed since the last time I went in and re-themed. Not planning on making any real visual changes, but I think there’s just a lot of extraneous or crufty css in place right now.


I’m able to get to the reply button now, @Lee_Ars, which I have not been able to do for a couple of weeks… so your fix today helped.


I like the new dashboard!