Latest update


The site should use Cambria, I think it’s one of the nicest plain fonts in a good long while. It’s especially nice considering it was commissioned by Microsoft, and we all remember what happened the last time they decided to commission some fonts.

That and I’m allergic to Times (New Roman). It’s the most defaulty of default fonts that everyone uses because that’s the font that Word starts with.


Not anymore. The new default is Calibri, which I do not like. I dislike sans serif fonts because they are hard for me to read, and too many different characters look like each other.


When did the logout button get buried in the preferences section?

Is CoG turning into some sort of online Hotel California?


I’ve been a bit annoyed by that too. I regularly log out between visits.


Lately, I’m seeing neither the superimposed number, nor the number in parenthesis. This has been happening for a while, but it occurred to me that I should mention it.


Yeah, looks like a core change—probably not something I can undo with CSS, unfortunately.


Yeah, my computer was off for a couple days, and now no number superimposed.



The tab update just came back! I just saw "(1) Bigdinos…"
Sweet! :+1: :smiley:


I upgraded the forum and magic happened. I AM MAGICAL



I think I’ve been scarred for life.


I did a much better version of that costume, back in the late 80s.


Street clothes don’t count as costumes.


Hah hah hah. No it was a Halloween costume. The leggings were a bitch to make, though.


Did someone install a Like-Nazi?


Hmm… The default like limit per day is 50, but it should be 100 for someone like you who is trust level 3. Have you really liked that many posts today?


No, I’ve done may be 6 likes today?

Edit - just checked, exactly 6 today


Did you do a bunch yesterday? I’m not sure what time zone the board is set to, but I know my stats usually update sometime the next day.


Nope, I wasn’t on all weekend

Plus, I’m in Central, which I assume big dino is also set to, since it is just across town :wink:

No worries, just surprised me


Interesting slider bar now.