Latest update


Okay, this time we have the icon with the number of notifications, on the browser tab, not resetting once the new posts have been read.


Is it just me, or do we have a new, much harder to read, teeny tiny font? Or have I just managed to screw something up in my settings?


I haven’t noticed either issue that @ClockWorkXon or @GITM are mentioning…


It isn’t happening on my Mac mini, Just my iPad mini. (Haven’t tested the iPod yet since everything is too small on that. 8) )


I haven’t seen either issue, either. Fonts appear to be the same size as usual, but I’m at my desk, not on a tablet or mobile OS.


I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how everything is exactly the same as it was before.


Maybe some browsers were updated and are having a hard time rendering properly?? I dunno, just spit-balling.


Here’s what I am seeing:


Looks like Chrome. I usually use Firefox to hit BigDino, which doesn’t do the greyed out dino in the tab. :frowning: Neato, though!

I get this
It will count up, but it doesn’t go away until I refresh that tab. That’s the way I always remember it behaving, at least since it was added.


I’ve refreshed the tab and restarted the browser (Chrome). I’ve also closed the tab and opened a new one.

What you show is what I remember from a while back. I’m not sure when the number superimposed on the icon started.


Font change just hit on my box. As I think someone else may have mentioned in another thread, it looks like Times New Roman. Just kinda not pretty and smaller. I will probably try restarting Firefox later & see if it changes back, but since I restarted yesterday and it looked the same, I don’t expect any change.



Lol, thanks


Yeah, we went from Georgia to Times. Except the banner on the main page, which still seems to be Georgia.

They must have done something funky to the CSS.


Funnily enough I noticed the font change on my home laptop, but at work I still have the old font (which I prefer).


I still don’t notice a difference.


I checked Chrome, IE and even fired up Chrome on another computer and the font looks like crap on all of them. (too harsh?)


You insensitive bastard.


I was wondering what you all were talking about until today. I have to agree that the old font looked better, but this is legible, so I’m not going to complain too much.


LMAO :laughing: